Having recently gotten a good handle on evocation, and finding the need to kill an enemy, I evoked Azazel earlier and asked how I should go about this psychic assassination. “I think you know what to do,” were his only words to me. I decide to use the good ol’ method of demonic evocation to take care of my victim. Eventually I get this urge to create my own circle of evocation, probably with a spare white bedsheet lying around and some black paint I have left over from making my scrying mirror.

So get this. I’m pouring through every relevant grimoire I have looking for circle designs I could use. As I’m flipping get wildly through the Book of Azazel, I get the urge to stop and start flipping in the other direction. The page I stop on by chance happens to have the sigil and description of Dra’talon, a ruthless demonic assassin who I know very little about. As I read the page I remember the baneful Work I’m planning, and I start getting what feels like this muscular twitch in my third eye.

Does anyone have any experiences with Dra’talon? Would he be a good match for the task of slaughtering my victim?


Try a search of the forum. There are multiple threads about Dra’talon and experiences with him.



Have evoked but no results yet to speak of


I evoked him recently, and results are, on going, i’m trying not to focus on that too much. as for whether or not he’s a good choice for your goal depends on what you want to do. He isn’t a quick demon, as in from what i can tell he kind of toys with the target and whittles them down.


Care to share details?


as of right now they’re in a homeless shelter, granted their situation wasn’t the greatest to begin with (which without going too far into detail was ultimately the catalyst for me doing this.) so now it’s a matter of time will tell.

as for the ritual itself, was a multiple evocation, calling on dra’talon, azazel and belial, a black candle with cursing oil and a bind rune sigil.


Any updates on this?

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How do you do/create that bind rune sigil :sweat_smile:


Would doing a coffin spell with there poppet and poision herbs/ oil and a mixture of powders simalr to hot foot mixed with Gopher be a good idea I have a target who is better off with a still heart …I wondered coffin spell with Dra’talon would hit the nail

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Are there any spirits that work rather quickly?

I had someone(something) standing outside my window sins summer 2 years ago. I know he’s there I can see him and feel him. Never comes inside because not alowed to do so.Then I started to feel next to me walking down the street and so on. I have a very painful condition. And every time im hurting he takes my pain away. I needed to find out who it is. And I did. I never heard of Dra’talon. Delt with my share of them. Im pretty sure hes not here to kill me otherwise he wouldnt take my pain away. No evoking. No biding ( you can’t bind him) just always here as a comfort, to supers my animosity and anger. He is, how well you can put it, a independ darkness contract killer. Lives for that.Never wrote this on any site or social page. I do know what he wants.Deep down. He wants a command. But I read everything there is to find to read about him and never come up on anything like that. I done my share of envokeing and the rest… Can anyone out there who can tell me,have they ever came up on anything like that? It is him. And no he do not here to kill me. I am pretty sure he want to do it for me of my choosing. Before pandemic I let him go after someone. He’s still here to take my pain away.

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It could be him. Strangely, he has this comforting attribute. Ask him to remove the ‘bad’ people in your life. It will come at a cost, but this will bring you peace. He likes to kill…anyone, anything. Even children, so…be careful what you ask for.

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