Dr Seuss (magick?)

So, I heard about banned book and some humbug. I was like… ok wtf. I went looking. I started looking at the 6 books. Mostly nothing stood out to me as bad. Wacky as hell and I wondered about his inspiration. Its a fun wacky and it and old golden books were part of my growing up (the very few i had).

So, I cone across one book that is being DC dur to poor sales. Its On Beyond Zebra.

Hmmm… sigils? Magic? I mean if you want chanting practice well, these books could give you simple inspiration. The creatures are like all over the place and I almost wish there was a Dr Seuss RPG. Here’s the interesting letters beyond Z

Pretty dang convenient to have a listing. The descriptions are on the earlier pages. This makes me think of sigil magick, robofish, etc.