Dr Royal Raymond Rife?

I’ve been following Doctor Rife’s work for awhile. for those who are not aware, he played a massive role in using frequencies and vibrations to cure diseases and boost the immune system. I managed to acquire an 800 page book on him and his work. At the moment I’m experimenting and tweaking his work to see what else a homemade ‘rife machine’ can really do.

Utilizing the frequencies he recommends and pairing it with magnets has helped a lot in fine tuning my intuition and boosting my psychic centers. Only thing to keep in mind is that prolonged exposure can lead to hallucinations although that could be chalked up to opening up to other realms.

when he was alive he had just as many supporters as he did haters. Most of them had been discredited and disgraced for supporting his work. This included his family and Rife himself. For those who would like to do research on the topic, it is interesting.

According to Rife, and it was backed by multiple in depth case studies one could use frequencies to cure anything from headaches to cancer. Regardless of the accuracy of these claims, I can only say my own experiences have been incredibly helpful. Combining his work with magic has played a huge role in getting my wife out of a wheelchair and assisted in curing myself of a disease that is supposedly incurable.

I would be interested in finding out if anyone else in the BALG community has any thoughts on him or his work?


I’m not familiar with his work but it sounds intriguing. Can you name some sources or books he’s authored, etc.?


If I remember correctly, having read about the Rife frequencies some years ago, he did have many successes with healing and continually added to his long list of frequencies that worked for all kinds of problems.
His equipment was an unfinished product which gained little traction in the medical field, maybe big pharma didn’t like it too much but his results were still impressive.

Interesting subject @Raven_fire, most people here would agree that frequencies do make a difference.

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@veil Sadly, a lot of the books written about him are rather expensive. I don’t know why. The caner cure that worked by Barry Lynes is a good read. If you’re looking for something that is really in depth then the frequencies of rifing by Marcello Allegretti would be the way to go. It’s a rare book but it covers his origional work and talks about how his work was confiscated right after he died. It also gets into the modern ‘rife’ movement and what’s called spooky2 technology which is a modern day approach to his work.

@covertcreator It is true, he had a journal that even detailed how to apply the frequencies to specific meridians for specific effects. Sad that most of it has been lost though. Heh, going against big pharma seldom ends well unfortunately. I have a friend in NH who has cured himself of lung cancer twice using a lot of the modern techniques. He still chains smokes though and I always tell him third times the charm and that he should quite. That’s a rant for another day though.

Thank you, I feel like it can be a massive resource for magicians. far more than Solfeggio or binaural beats.


I am studying this subject now. The reason why Rife’s books are hard to find is because the judge that threw him in jail ordered a book-burning. The FDA and AMA wanted everything that Rife did wiped from the collective memory of the human-race. They couldn’t get rid of the info about his research that was already in Europe, but he had a lot of people there that didn’t like him either

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His books ,are out print,u can try a public library,and maybe get one,u best shot is go to Europe,and there,I hear it was 3 others guys who take to Mexico whit some stuff,but in late 80s90s, is all I hear,

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@danlBoone You’re absolutely right. Like so many other brilliant minds, he messed with the profit margins of a for profit health care system. Not to mention countless other money driven industries. Honestly, I’m surprised he didn’t commit ‘suicide.’ Hopefully, now that we’re in the so called age of information someone with a similar mindset will be able to anonymously put out ideas that are equally beneficial to mankind.

@zorrito That’s interesting advice. I’ll definitely look into finding out who the other 3 are and see if I can come across any of their work. Thanks for pointing that out.