Download information Direct?

Has any one found a way to directly down load information from an entity in to themselves? to know every thing they know on a topic?

And for people working with the book of Azazel do have to ask to talk to his legions or can you go straight to them from their sigils? and has any one ask if they are Azazel’s real legions or are they made up for the book?

You can go straight to the Nethers. No need to ask for permission from Azazel.


thanks so you know they are not just made up for the book thats why i thought about asking Azazel first.

Why would they be made up?

Getting their seals out into the world seems to be one of the primary goals of The Book of Azazel. Azazel’s own seal doesn’t even appear in the book at all.

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I just confused them with egregores my mistake i was just reading about them.
how meany have you worked with?

About half a dozen so far.


is invocation a quicker way to get information? with out talking just direct.

I don’t know, never done it. Try it and find out for yourself.

Invocation is usually used to obtain a spirit’s energy and power, not their knowledge, because when you invoke, you are calling the spirit’s essence into you but that does not necessarily include what they know, though some information will be attached.

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