Download and the Pure Evil

When I started with magick few years ago, I changed my personality many times. The first thing was a kind of “I can do anything, and most problems with other people are not worth of my time or power. I have better things to do”. Then I reached the next level, when I worked with King Belial and he helped me. I felt for the first time like I’m invincible. That King Belial is looking after me. And this time I even lost the fear, when I was looking horror movies.

Then yesterday something strange happened. I know, that I was dreaming, that I’m in the sewer. But not like in horror movies, but more futuristic. Shiny white and blue with modern design with an elevator to get under ground. Then I woke up. I know, that I was awake, then I got something like a “download”. It was like I was dreaming a several hours long dream an 1-2 seconds. In this dream I was again in the sewer and everything was breaking apart. And I saw a spirit or something. It was like a person but with a more round head like in the “scream picture by Edvard Munch”, but completely in black metallic, without a mouth, with shiny orange red eyes and a black shine what was absorbing everything around it. And it introduced himself as the pure evil. And I had the feeling like no demon can protect me from this evil.

I felt cold. I was shivering. I felt like I lost something big.

And no, it wasn’t a dream. I had the same kind of “vision” three years before. I had a THC-Overdose and a bad trip. I got like a download of a job I had to do. And I know it wasn’t a dream, because everything happened in the reality like it was in the vision. In a place I have never been before and I got the right security codes to open a door. And the thing I need to get was right in the right spot.

And I can tell you one thing, something big is coming. And it’s not the fight good vs. bad, demons vs. god or something like this. It’s more like god and demons have to work together.

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I agree. :+1:

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