Dove chocolate

So I opened my little peice of Dove silky smooth promises ( the dark chocolate and sea salt caramel :yum:)
And this little message was inside that I just found inspiring.

“When life isnt going right, go left.”
By Haylea S. ~

I’m not sure how the original author meant it. But I found it to be true for myself.
I didnt start on the left hand path until I was just at the point saying fuck it all. Nothing ever works out for me. So why not. And then everything started to change and I started on an amazing journey that has brought me more than I could ever imagine.

So, go Left! :black_heart:


Be fearlessly authentic.

~ Sotiria S.

I like this one :sparkling_heart:
Never be afraid to be the one and only you!!


Ok i delete it .

It was my Humor and Trolling urge combined i guess.

It is sometimes my guilty pleasure … i must say.

But not everybody has the same Humor :man_shrugging:t2:

So ill do it.

I get that you were joking. This just wasnt the right place for it. I wanted this to be motivational and inspiring.


Yeah i realised it afterwards.

Girl sometimes i really have those moments when i see something (like that) and i get these bomb ideas . And want to point forward realise them and in hope they have the same Humor.
(Only in this case)


I respect it if not so …
Like it would be motivational for me to:

/Just because i can do it doesnt mean that i should do it/

Kind of think.

So for the offence . I apologize. I can offer you a reading if you want it or some specific channeling service.

So yeah i am sorry for that.


Its all in the past.

Sure Id like a reading.


Cool i will DM you.

What Specificaly do you want to be read?

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A general reading will be fine.

Or see what spirits you can pick up on around me.


You clicked baited me with my favorite chocolate! But this was the same for me. I physically destroyed when I stepped (dragged, leaped) on to the LHP.

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I think it’s kinda like when survival instincts kick in. Your about sink or your gonna learn to swim real fast. The survivors learn to swim. And I think that’s what the left hand path is for a lot of magicians its how we learn to not only swim but be damn navy seals :joy:
We learn how to turn shit around and own it. Like a boss.

We stop being a victim. And become the winners. :sparkling_heart:


It’s my favorite too. There was guy once that said I didnt eat a Dove candy bar I made love to it! :joy::heart_eyes:


I think I am the same way. I love love love it. Any guy that gives me that. I am marrying! :joy::woman_shrugging:t2:

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You have to lick it and savor it and lust over it. If it doesnt take over half an hour to eat it your doing it wrong :joy:

I agree… A man that gives me Dove chocolate is a keeper :sparkling_heart:


But i think chocolate actually has some healing to it. Especially dark chocolate, in moderation of course.


I think so too. I think it is the dark that’s good for the heart.

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Yes it is. I just read that :joy:

I wanna say it has antioxidants as well.


I think Dove should put us on the payroll now :laughing:


Yes and pay us in chocolate!

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That is a good quote. I will have to research it’s origins to explore context. If you are interested, the parcast Network does a daily short quote that goes through one quote a day, exploring its history and context. It can get pretty interesting.

I often find myself reciting this part of a poem when things get tough:

“Hope may seem but futile
When with trouble are beset
But remember you are facing
Just what other men have met.
You may fail
But fall still fighting.
Don’t give up, whatever you do.
Eyes forward, head held high to finish.
See it through.”
-Edgar Albert Guest, See it Through

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