Doubts about Carl's Nagel method

So I just read Carl Nagel’s book The Black Seals of Solomon the King but I did not quite understand the step-by-step (even because my English is not fluent). From what I understand it is necessary to make the seal of the chosen Spirit and the seal of Solomon behind, to do the invocations for protection and then the proper evocation of the spirit, but in what part should you make the wish? Do I have to say what I want during the evocation? And I also would like to know if in this system you just make the request and offers nothing as a reward.

I have always used the Solomonic system, but I would like to try this one.


All of the rigmarole is about entering into a certain state of mind that aligns you to the desired outcome. The rituals/spirits do not actually create anything: they simply align you to something that already exists right here and now but which you cannot see due to your sensory attachment to what you think is your current reality.

You can alter the structure to suit you. If the request making bit is left out, just go ahead and include it somewhere. Physical offerings are only aids to feel “satisfied” with your ritual and offset your unnecessary insistence that you must give something physical to receive something physical in return. Ultimately, it is your feeling of relief/fulfilment that is more important. Further, why are you complicating it more than it is: if the system asks for no offers/rewards why do you want to create one?


Thank you so much!

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