Doubt with entities, altar and my daughter

I want to put a small altar in the living room of my house to bune and clauneck, but I have doubts if by doing this I will also open the space to other undesired entities and I have a daughter with 2 years old that worries me have an approach to the spiritual world to short age and I would also like to know if I can ask clauneck or bune protection for her, I know that many of you have had experience with these entities and that is why I respectfully ask for your advice or point of view

I was wondering if it is not disrespectful to do the little altar in the backyard of my house and what could they recommend, and in case of having some unwanted entity that simple cleansing ritual recommend me?

thank you for taking the time to read


You can ask the Spirits you work with to protect her from unwanted “guests” as well not to interact with her, but keep in mind that most children are naturally attuned to the spiritual up until a certain age, so she has probably seen already more than you think. It’s normal, if she’s not gifted soon she’ll shut out the ones in Spirit, either by nature or by all the brainwashing she will soon get from the society.

You shouldn’t have any issue, especially with the 72. But don’t forget to banish and ground your space too before and after each work.
It’s not disrespectful at all to have an outdoor temple, many traditions support this. It might be even better for you too and can help you connect better with them.
It’s not so often that we get an impostor, especially if you use a sigil, but always do your banishing, cleansings, grounding of your working space.

With the search option (top right) you can find many different banishing and cleansing rituals.


I appreciate your time and effort in explaining


I have a small “witchypoo” at home whose 9.
Every since age 2 she’s been able to sense and speak to spirits .
And not all the experiences have been good ones so I understand your concerns about raising altars in your home.
Just be dedicated to cleansing and safe practice and perhaps you will not commune with them directly in her presence for years to come until she gains the understanding on how to navigate and fortify herself apart from your protection and covering over her.
The black witch coven on YouTube had a neat little video talking about this a week or so ago.
When you are raising your family into a LHP, you must protect everyone.
I think Bune is perfect!!! Set up your altars and enjoy!!!
I will love it if you share more about your journey in the future days to come:)