Double vampiric work

This honestly came out of nowhere while I was thinking about energy work.

So, drawing energy from a person isn’t that incredibly Advanced, a lot of people do it unconsciously, but what I’m talkin about is to bring all of the energy into yourself, filter out the good energy, take the energy that you want, and then, using your right hand, send that energy right back to the person you were drawing from.

This is a double bladed sword that cuts your victim both ways. Firstly, it drains their life force, secondly, the only thing that it is replaced with this further negative energy.

As I titled this post, double vampiric. Maybe you could use this as a way to accelerate somebody’s demise if you saw fit. Happy Hunting.


Even that what is called ‘negative energy’ can be reacummulated, cleansed in worse case scenario and turned into ‘good energy’.
I understand what you mean but wouldnt it be easier to drain, use the energy for a psychic attack or something instead of making it so detailed?
(just some ideas though)


Well, I have a ton of great ideas. One of my favorites is to tie their energy to the energy of the earth, and let the Earth itself drain all of their energy away. It takes a little bit of spell work, but it works wonders.

It’s just a thought that came to me out of the blue. I wanted to make sure it was documented before I forgot.


It seems as though there are two trains of thought. In the Psychic Vampire Codex, it insinuates that you have to be careful of the type of energy you take in from people. However, I’m now reading a book by Michael W. Ford called AKHKHARU Vampire Magick, and the impression I am getting is that it’s ok to completely drain and devour any of your enemies without any concern for taking in bad energy…

There are some enemies I want to devour, but I’m having second thoughts about draining their negative energy…

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Since when this is advanced?


About the topic of draining, I always take everything I need from my targets (the energies that I need for myself and my workings, and sometimes for my lesser demons) and let those targets keep their negative energy for themselves, so they become walking turds, sometimes stuffed by my curses,


And how long does it take you to drain one person? 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 10 minutes?

It depends on how much energy that I want that person haves. Being fast is a matter of practice.

Can you please give an estimate of time?

I have always thought that filtering was simply overcomplicating the process. Just as a healer will set their intention and focus to draw out bad energy for disposal, you do the same with the clean energy. You set your intention and focus to draw out the good. The bad stays. No filtering schemes required. In a sense, your intention IS the filter.


I’ve had a suspicion for awhile that vampirism doesn’t actually exist as people think it does. What it actually is, is unlimiting our energy generation/distribution, and unconsciously sandbagging someone else by implanting weakness in them through the collective unconscious. It’s a matter of misunderstood will, and, weak-willed fools complying with the expectations of what they on some level perceive as a superior existence, because they think there is an inequality between them, when there isn’t. Basically boils down to innovaters and imitators, or, people that can think for themselves and people that can’t. All things are equal, inequality and duality are a spook.

Vampyrism works regardless of whether the victim knows they are being drained or not.
You can drain strong and weak people and it creates a visible imbalance in the aura and chakras. Vortices can be perceived as well as vampyric parasites or servitors (when used) creating blockages and lowering the energy.

A drained person can even feel it when touching their energy of their hands.

Even though Will also has got something to do, vampyrism is not a mind game.


how can someone choose its target from a far. use a link like photographs ? or just think of the target?