Double letters & spell fizzle

Good evening everyone!!

I tried searching on this fourm to see if anyone else had asked this but couldn’t quite get the answer I was looking for.

I was wondering if you have to remove double letters from a petition in order to get the spell to properly work. In the event it does effect the spells effectiveness then mine may have fizzled because I didn’t remove the repeating letters in my petition.

If so, do you remove the repeated letter in question within the same word or all together??

For instance;

Take the phrase, “All the time”

If I have to remove double letters, would it read like;

"Al the time’


“Al he im”

I should have thought of this before I casted any spells but alas I didn’t. Again, thank you all in advance for your responses. I hope all is well with all of you, & may the spirits bring you all you wished for, & the universe smile upon you!!

I’m not sure why you would think you have to remove letters for a petition…

Removing repeating letters is only done for making a sigil glyph out of a statement of intent, and only for the reason of shortening the number of letters to make construction of the glyph easier.

A petition is basically just a letter to the spirit. You don’t have to remove anything from it.

What kind of ritual were you doing? If you were doing Ritual 1 in the book Demons of Magick, the author says nothing about removing repeating letters, only converting your statement of desire into a cipher.

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I can’t exactly remember which thread it was but I had come across someone mentioning removing double letters when casting a spell.

That’s the one I was using yes. I had noticed he didn’t say anything about removing double letters but I wanted to make sure. I don’t really know any other forms of casting spells. I have tried some moon Magick recently, & with King Asmodeus I tried a new way of casting a spell. I believe it has worked, because I read when working with King Asmodeus, some rage, & aggression is brought forth. I’ve noticed that since casting the spell I feel a little more aggressive. Thank you though for answering my questions!!

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