DOST THOU PROTEST? When it comes to understanging I do!

Hi Everyone,

I’d like to ask all of you why is it that in some texts that I have: Lemegeton, Frederick Hockely texts, and even some newer ones like 26 Daemons, that we are ALWAYS WARNED about some of these Entities?

Before me explore this, let me say that I really like the new newsletter that Koetting out regarding why entities obey us…because energy wants to move! With that being said, by WARNED, I mean why do some texts basically say “Hey Magician…these entities are EVIL, so, watch out 'cause it’s a Demon, and Demons are evil and want to fuck you over!!!”.

Why is this? Do some Entities want to fuck me over personally? Why do some demons demand that I pay them tributes and other not?

Any thoughts will be most appreciated. Again, I’m asking because I’m starting to see that the more my desire is defined, the more research I’m doing that the more I’m really making sure about my desire…does this make sense?

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Just to clarify - I’m not tooo familiar with the meanings of Middle English or Olde English and I believe that I lack understanding because I just don’t understand the semantics of it all.

Sorry, forgot to add this :slight_smile:

I don’t think I have enough experience to give a comprehensive answer on this, but in my experience I have only have negitive experiences with entities when I have become lazy and callous with my ritual technique. I think it’s important to always stay in control of ritual, not so much in an authoritarian way but more in being absolutely focused and precise with the task at hand.

Also there is the whole medievil Christian mindset thing but I think that was covered in the newsletter

Thanks SW!

Yeah the whole Christian overtone was covered in the newsletter.

I always thought of it as a way to make it seem more real or helps with subjective synthesis. Beware the demons compiled in this book, if given the opportunity they will destroy your soul and take your lunch money!!! Sounds a lot better than use the sigils to work with the spirits, be cautious as results may vary. Reminds me of Poke Runyon and his “Treat this as a full contact sport at all times.”

FWIW, I found that some demons want to put a twist on things. How you handle this twist will determine whether or not you can accept working with them.

Treat any entity with respect, that doesn’t mean try to make friends. If a demon calls for something like a sacrifice to be worked with and your not comfortable with it find another demon. I also wouldn’t substitute an offering or sacrifice to an entity just because you didn’t want to do it. If there was a long standing tradition of someone bringing you a cool glass of water at the end of the day and one day I walk up with a pack of saltines instead you’d likely find that insulting that I assume the crackers are just as good as the water that you asked for in the first place. I wouldn’t say Demons are out to fuck you over, some by their very nature are a lot more hostile than others. If you call upon a demon of murder and bloodshed its likely it’s going to be a hot spirit to work with.

You seem to be on the right track, do your research and be careful what and how you ask for what you want. Treat any entity like you would a lawyer make sure there are no loopholes in what you ask for and no way your words can be misconstrued.

Alright, I’m going to introduce you to a big concept that you will carry with you when you look at any older grimore now. Blinds

What a blind is, is something thrown in so someone who isn’t “worthy” or more likely “initiated” into the proper channels, will pick this up and not be able to make any use of it. At the time and location where many of these grimores were written, life was very Christian, even the magickal tomes found in the Vatican Library written by popes, priests, and such have very Christian undertones to them. For the most part, a lot of people are held back in believing it and practicing these “bindings” and threats.

Imagine if you were power incarnate, and someone summoned you, threatened and cursed you and threw salt in your eyes. You’d be pretty fucking pissed off right? Yeah. And you probably wouldn’t help anyone out, and if you did you’d make sure to piss all over their life in the process…If for nothing else, than for the asshole who did that to you to fear ever doing it again.

Now you wonder why these demons have such nasty reputations, the above should shed a little light on the negative experiences of others.

Other common blinds you may have heard of include things that are ingredients such as “bats blood”, “tail of a salamander”, “tongue of frog” etc, sounds like complete gibberish. These are often coded symbolisms that can mean anything from chakra work, to whatever folk magick was being practiced by people of the country side. A lot of times people in the country side practiced magick, and they had the Church to worry about sure, but they also had to worry about other mystical groups stealing their teachings, so in order to prevent that they made it unintelligible to normal people or even other occult groups. Sometimes exotic ingredients can be called for simply to delay and hinder the practitioner and his spiritual growth.

One quick note is sometimes this has the opposite effect, and the subconscious empowers these ingredients because the conscious mind is convinced they have power. Sometimes rituals attempted in this manner have profoundly powerful effect, but this is due to the unknown harnessing of inner power, at least that explanation is most probable. It comes from the idea that the power of suggestion is more powerful than reality itself. And don’t forget with something like this, “Results may vary”.

Back to the point.

Either way blinds take many forms, but think of it as willful misinformation. Sometimes you have to learn a good deal and read between the lines on that.

These entities can be nasty, but it really depends how you treat them most of the time. There are exceptions, and some entities, particularly in blind evocation will try to be unruly and force you to coerce them with your will (which can be an arduous task, and trust me you want to be prepared for that). However, most of the ones in these grimores are not like this, and if you want you can safely open their sigils to get a “taste” of what’s to come and introduce yourself first.

These entities like to be respected, not treated like garbage. They will react to you accordingly. If they are unruly, coerce them with your will. If they try to scare you, realize it’s a test and keep going with your ritual, because you’re in control. And for the most part that sums up years of experiences I’ve had with various spirits with one exception.

If I come into contact with a spirit that has sought me out, or one that I have summoned…And it immediately asks me questions, that’s a horrible omen that signifies the spirit is at least wary of you, if not at odds or completely unruly with you. It’s very rare that it happens to me, however it usually follows a magickal mis-step on my part. Even in references to spirits being summoned in the bible, where the spirit immediately asked a question, it was a horrible sign of what was to come.

I have also been scared to work with particular types of entities, until recently…My life has been filled with arm chair magicians who have frequently told me what I did was evil, and implored it’s danger, specifically my work with particular spirits. But, there is a way to rid yourself of any fear these idiots instill into you…

I have found the best way to peel away the brainwashing of the church and these grimores is to open the sigils of as many different entities as possible as you continue on your ascent. Be diverse in what you call on, call planetary intelligences from many spheres, call elementals, call angels, spirits, and demons. Once you taste their energy and interact with it, you’ll find most of the second hand information you’ve acquired is garbage. There are some things about the nature of these beings that is best learned or at least better understood from experience.

Start with sigil openings because it’s very safe, incredibly easy, and incredibly powerful. Once you build up experience with this, you will have a much more firm understanding of the powers you interact with. You’ll also enhance your power by doing them regularly. I have found sigil opening leaves you with residual power gain, not quite to the extent evocation does, but it’s firm ground to build a foundation upon.

Do you know Koetting’s method of sigil opening?

Best of Luck,
-Frater Apotheosis


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When it comes to posting, F.A. usually delivers. :slight_smile:

I concur with F.A. wholeheartedly!!!

I love that post f.a! Great way to Explain the blinds of the old Grimores, Makes u wonder who is really the bad guys lol

I’ve done my research on the subject, but I understand what I look at differently after using the Materials E.A. has given the community.

I have several books of his including the complete works, the mastering divination program, and 2 personal consults from E.A. to help my progress. I’ve really kicked my progress in gear because I’m trying to get ready for the Mastering Evocation course. Despite all the time I’ve spent with the occult, I have to say I’ve experienced the greatest gains in the shortest time with his material. If you like my posts and if you think my writing is good you should thank him.

I’m looking forward to what’s next.

Ever Forward,
-Frater Apotheosis


Thank you! I shall research E.A.'s method of opening a sigil. Currently I own EE & BoA, which are heavy as fuck! I shall research ASAP! On holiday until Sunday :slight_smile:

Brothers & sisters kind regards.