Dose Lucifer look like a giant dragon head


Does Lucifer look like a giant dragon head ---- come out of mist
Erm sort of


:thinking: he can take many forms but I never saw a dragon! I have heard V.K say Satan looks like a giant massive dragon :woman_shrugging:t2:


To me Lucifer looks like a tall angel with snake tongue, but Lucifer is a shapeshifter so I am sure he could look like a giant dragon head and he can travel in mist.


Spirits can take many different forms. So, that could be him.


I loved the dragon head funny how there is no fear


Lucifer has many masks, and he is a awesome friend bro and father and master.


If not a snake, Lucifer can use birds of prey, such as Hawks to signify his presence.


Spirits can take whatever form they wish. Have you tried asking for his sigil just in case it’s not him?


Were you calling Lucifer? If so then yes.
It sounds to me like you made contact, spirits can take any form, dragons are found across every continent in ancient religion, history, and mysticism.

“Quetzalcoatl was related to gods of the wind, of the planet [Venus], of the dawn, of merchants and of arts, crafts, and knowledge. He was also the patron god of the Aztec priesthood, of learning and knowledge.”

Questzalcoatl is a face of Lucifer (I believe) and is often depicted as a flying sky snake with wings.
I also wouldn’t be surprised if he came to you as a big ass classically European dragon with the scales ad wings.


He has appeared to me that way. Another time he just showed up like the baphomet icon flashing on my cieling. I don’t know the connection but my mind might associate it with Lucifer from my Christian roots.


Potentially a face of Lucifer, also Lucifer is aligned with Pan.


Yes i was calling on him he was blac scalely only his head i thought he was beautiful. A few years ago when i was coming off those urk poisonous medications (:mask:) I saw a if un this real like i can touch it red and gold dragon in the sky it was just turned dark ~20:00hrs i wa so shocked and excited i called out to it. Freaked the taxi driver (hehe) so erm calmed down. It turned back into an aeroplane i have told two besides this forum. Another witch who called me a show off and the ascending flame.
Do you think that was Lucifer also?


Quite possibly but who better to ask then Lucifer himself.


Good idea


Haven’t seen that one do you know which vid?


Lucifer looks a man or a woman with black/brown hair.
He,she or it has green eyes.
Maybe 5’10?
Wears white.

Just my interpretation from dream interaction with Lucifer or what I thought was Lucifer.