Dope gods and santa muerte

Anyone work with them in that area,if so what’s your experiences?

I work with and love Santisima Muerte. She is awesome and amazing. She does require things to be done a certain way, and worship, but she is very protective and immediate when you call upon her.


I’m working with Santa Muerte. I asked her to bring my ex back to me and she did. The girl who said she’d never love me again and she didn’t want to see me ever again told me “I love you” yesterday. I know I had something to do with that (I improved myself after the breakup, learned from my mistakes) but I also know I could’t have done it with the help of Santa Muerte.
I still have a lot of work to do since I’m not back with her yet but I made huge progress.
Thank you Santa Muerte for everything, I’ll keep worshiping you.