Dopamine detox and third eye activation

Hello all,

Nowadays I was searching new methods for third-eye activation and found an interesting way on internet. I am pretty sure most of you heard dopamine detox. If not, please google it. I won’t go much detail here. Basically you need to do dopamine detox on hard mode; no drugs, alcohol, masturbation, social media and any type of media etc… In addition to this, you need to go fully vegan (preferably eat only breakfast and only bread - the purpose here is not to enjoy the food) and you need to sleep max. 6 hours per day. You are expected to meditate and read spiritual things during all the program.

They say if you can apply this program, third-eye should be open around 10th day (for some 6-7th day). Have you ever heard or experienced such method before? I would like to hear your comments, experiences about this.

Best regards

I don’t think dopamine and third eye a related a ton . Seretonin and melatonin more so coming from the physical glands the third eye chakra is tied to- if you want to open your third eye do things that relative to the Chakras function - play psychic games , visualize , meditate on it ,