Don't wanna ruin their life

Is their a way to perform a love spell without the target becoming so obsessed with you that they forget about their responsibilites, friends, jobs, bills etc?

That is highly unlikely to happen with a love spell, unless that person is already an obsessive stalker type of personality. It’s pure Hollywood fantasy, done as a morality tale about the consequences of messing with someone’s free will.


That just made me feel a whole lot better, thanks dude


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

In most of the situations the person that does the spell is obsessed (that obsession comes from the fact that he/she doesn’t want to lose that specific person or because he/she wants a relationship at a next level) about the person he/she wants to seduce. And also in the most situations the person on which the spell has been put will be like “wtf, why I’m still in a relationship with him/her?”


Ya I can see that. The caster projects their obsession onto the target and can disrupt the targets personality and emotions.

As for the caster not being obsessed, to me, that’s impossible; the wish to force a specific person to like another even if they have no interest is selfish obsession.
People do it all the time however and I can see it also as the target isn’t strong enough to destroy their attacker.

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Not much as you say, but Lord Rosier may help with love and obsession (some sort).

Another option is calling on Djinns . They may fool the target and may make him/her obsessed for a time.
This simple spell uses an ordinary black peppercorn as its main ingredient.

You need 40 black peppercorn. unweighted preferably. Then you need her/his mothers name and your mothers name and draw a heart shape and write these names inside the shape and you may also make simple figures of her/him and you together, when you draw just visualize the person.

Then you will hold the peppercorn one by one in your hand and chant the following pray.

Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Ecḥad - : the LORD is our God, the LORD is One; one by one for all peppercorn.

Muslims may chant the Koranic version. That is Al-Ikhlas, meaning is the same as Hebrew one.

or you may chant also the fourth Enochian key for a stronger effect.

Hold peppercorns inside of your palm and chant it for all one by one, total 40 times. Then place all the peppercorn inside the heart where your names are written and ask once again the divine help ( maybe Lucifer / or Jesus - the one who represent for you the Divine) or also call the help of Zawbaah ( a Djinn King of Venus ) and then place all ( the heart shape with all peppercorn inside ) into an Owen and let them burn.
Leave them inside the hot oven for one-two hours or as much as you can.

Please be careful when peppercorn will burn you may need to open windows, as its effect are similar to pepper spray, so a bad cough is possible, but once you do it, the results are really amazing.

Good luck