Don't Scratch your head!


:rofl: rip me! Everytime I read this title my head itches…




I first started noticing this years ago after trying out a couple of meditations techniques used in Liber HVHI-Michael Ford.

Something about imagining your self descending from the sky, then hitting water and then descending into the abyss.

I had an instance where I got drunk and started drawing Beliel’s sigil at my ex gf’s house.
Totally lost control.
I was trying fight people and I was spouting hateful words at everyone.
Cops got called, luckily I didn’t go to jail.

Afterwards I’ve been noticing an itch that would never go away.
I even shaved my head because I thought It had something to do with my long hair.


I noticed that rage at times. I’ll just be chilling and then feel the need to destroy some of my enemies (I calm down lol).

Same with the hair. It gets annoying.