Don't know what to call it

I have been in a situation of lately I ran broke and this is what I did I sat on my bed in the room I share with two of my coworkers they were there so I couldn’t use any tools of magic to really perform a ritual or spell so I did it in my head I focused on my intention and called upon the powers of darkness to bring me some money so I could be alright until Tuesday, ten dollars is what I then came down at least ten dollars. Well I ended up with forty dollars today one person came up to me and gave me 20 and said thanks for talking to us yesterday another came over and said hey save me some seats for superbowl and I got another 20 , I think I’m getting the meaning of magic it provides you with ways to get what you want or sets you on the path to getting what you want. now that I’ve seen this I think I need a real teacher as I’ve only read books so far.