Don't know what this dream means

In a nutshell I saw my grandfather who passed away over a decade ago. He handed me a copper coin that was about the size of an american quarter but looked like a british half penny. The head on it was facing to the left. It looked as if it had been freshly minted.
There was a little girl sitting with him that wanted me to give her the coin. I told her that I could not give it to her as it was not mine to give. I said she would have to ask grandpa for it and I gave it back to him. Then I saw someone else I know that passed and they appeared to be afraid of me. I asked why am I here with them? I am not dead. They said they do not know. This person never had any reason to fear me so I do not know what that was all about. Not sure what the coin was for either.

Perhaps the person that was afraid of you needs help in crossing in peace to the spiritual world. The coin would be to pay the charon to cross him/her safely.

That could be but it seemed the two parts of the dream were unrelated. While they were alive neither of these people knew each other.