Don't know what is up with my mother

I don’t know what is up with my 85 year old mother yes she is a Malone one of the worse types, same with my 51 year old brother not even blood related same with my 85 year old mother, now they family never welcomed me in the past, now she said welcomed now, but i don’t know, they are built on double standards do i say don’t do as i do, my mother knows im LHP which doesn’t agree with her she doesn’t say very much, always ask now and then sometimes where have you hidden it because he wants it. Im sure its where i got hidden my black magic inverted pentagrams im sure, i thinking that my older brother is into it he doesn’t like me practicing it, and i know for fact he is practicing dark pentagram magic the same way i practice and he knows i practice and he doesn’t like me practice it and he denies it, and wants it all for himself, and i go without he wants all of Hell for himself, i did ask my mother years ago about older brother practice the black arts she replies no no James he doesn’t, but i know when ever i practice 9 gatekeepers infernal kingdom i see him there given orders, and he is a real basterd, i cannot talk to him he is Abraham orientated as well as black arts hiding behind god of Abraham using black magic to spy on me, and report back to mother, i wouldn’t be surprised if hes going through this forum as a poser.

Don’t worry, your brother couldn’t have all of even one of the many hells.

I suggest you stop mentioning lhp or black magic to either of them.
No pearls before swine! it wastes the pearls and annoys the swine.


Thats true, your right ignore them for they are not worth it, the walls of reality will eventually come crashing down around them, i know better. I don’t ever say anything about LHP to them even if they know i best avoid answering them about it, i usually try and cover up im better at it now, i have to act like an assassin work black magic in secrecy and hide in the shadows the best i can and when i do practice i usually put it on someone else so i try to make them think someone else is doing it. Thank you.