Dont have an armchair

I need something that I wont fall asleep on. I have a sofa but its too low so I cant rest my head anywhere. I also have the problem of others interrupting me. I need help!



No this is a good thing, without an armchair you can’t become an armchair occultist.

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Lets pray they don’t become futon occultists.

Why not lie on the floor or on your bed or sit in a meditative pose? No advice about the interruptions other than get your own space.

What he’s talking about is Robert Bruce’s suggestion to practice in a chair.

From the sound of it, your sofa will work just fine. The purpose of the chair is so that when you break your posture, you wake up, so you can try again. The chair supports you just enough - if you get too comfortable (eg. a headrest), you’ll just fall asleep sitting up. Also, most people have a strong association with sleep when they practice in their bed - again, leading to sleep.

Use your sofa. Practice at least a session or two. If that doesn’t work, just go get a kitchen chair at a second-hand store. Good luck! :slight_smile:

The best meditations I had have been on an office chair with its arms, thought lately I feel comfortable on bed.

About others interrupting you, choose a time when there’s silence, be it night (though it might be scarrrrrryyyy!) or early in the morning.

And if you don’t have your own space, do your rituals mentally

Really it’s a nuisance working your rituals when sharing your room but we gotta improvise

Target (Targhay) has chairs that are relatively inexpensive…i think i paid $20??? It’s one of those banguet chairs…love it! i use it for ALL my evo’s whilst in the circle, and other workings with a little black table (also Targhay).

you won’t fall asleep in this type of chair. For me, this is why I love my meditation cushions. Lying down has always lead me to sleeping too. Anyways, the banquet chairs bro…i swear by em!

Wal-Mart too!