Don't doubt yourself!

So I was working with Etliosh to bring down the value of a certain investment, and I visualized a number for it to go to, depreciating about 50%. Just for good measure I always aim for as much gain as possible not really caring if it reaches that full amount. Anyways the next day when I woke up it was already at about 25% depreciation and I thought that was very expected considering my level of expertise so I bought in. Today it was at that 50% depreciating point! I achieved my exact goal I set by visualizing! Now I won’t be losing any money because this is a volatile market and it is going to bounce back regardless if I tamper with it or not, but it does cut into my profit margins quite a bit. The point is that this stuff works, and you’ll get what you ask for.

Don’t make the same mistake as me, I know I won’t ever do it again :wink:

I don’t usually enjoy playing the role of skeptic, however I have this nagging feeling you’re talking about bitcoin.

China and her central bank has for weeks been saying that it will make a move to ban or limit bitcoin transactions. This was what caused the drop from $1,200 to $800 over the past 10 days, and the plummet to $500 this morning.


HONG KONG — China’s biggest Bitcoin exchange was forced to stop accepting deposits in the Chinese currency on Wednesday, sending the price of the virtual money tumbling in one of its biggest markets globally.

As someone who plays this market, I’ll give you free advice you already knew: buy.

When the Silk Road seizure occurred, the value halved, and within a month tripled again. I expect a similar recurrence here, since the more these dolts attack it, the more the popularity spreads.

I don’t like to daytrade with it at this point(tried that and lost), but as far a long term investment it’s sound.

Anyway, sorry to pee on your cheerios, but if you were talking about Bitcoin I imagine there are ALOT of people manipulating it via currency injections, magick, politics, etc. Not saying you didn’t play any role, but this is a big market with alot of players manipulating it.

Maybe I’m wrong, who knows. Congrats regardless!