Domovinovy Duchovia (Slavic house spirits) + some death deities


So this is second part of Slavic deities. This time i will write here about house spirits good and bad ones and also i will add some more death deities. :fire:

Domovinovy Duchovia


  • other name how we call him => ZMOK
  • originally from Slovak mythology
    -he is showing himself mostly like ugly black chicken
  • you cant summon him ( if so i did not figure it out yet and nobody wants to tell me how [assholes] :woman_shrugging:t2: ) because he is choosing his family where he wants to stay, everytime when he chooses family, the family start to have better financial situation but all comes with price…he wants offerings 2 a day and if you forget give him one he will start do mess …he will become portgleist and he will start ruining your life…you can fix it with offering but it is upon him if he would want to accept it or not …if he will refuse you, you will have to exorcise your house
  • this legend was said to me when i was younger. In Slovakia lived one family which was poor. They did not know what to do anymore but they heard from old witch that you can make creature/ spirit who will bring you money for offerings. Father of that family did as witch said to him, ho found chicken and took its egg and he held that egg for 13 days under his armpit. At the 13th day small ugly black chick with ugly red eyes came out of egg and they started to give it offerings. After some days their financial situation got better and after few months they became rich. Zmok was taking care of their house and financial situation so they did not need to take care about anything.When they had what they wanted they forgot to give offering to Zmok so he started haunt them…he choked them in their sleep, attacked kids… Father came to that witch and was begging her for help so she said him to give Zmok task which was not able to be done…so when father came home he poured a bottle of wine on the ground and he told Zmok to clean it with wet piece of cloth. Zmok couldnt do this task so he left their home and never came back, but after his leaving family became poor again
  1. Domovoi
  • originally from Russian mythology
  • he is showing himself like on the picture or like a little dwarf ( the coolest house spirit ! )
  • there are two options how to gain one Domovoi :
  1. your family owns one for generations
  2. You move into house (mainly older ones) in which he lives without the master and you offer him to live with your family
  • benefits of having one are : he will take care of your plants, animals and he will be your guardian
  • they are territorial demonic bastards :joy: by that i mean when you have one Domovoi and you move with him into another house where is another Domovoi without master, they will fight like cats and they will try to kill eachother… thats the moment when the master must step in and send away one of them…
  • also they are the funniest spirits ( i find everything funny what he is doing and i dont know why :woman_shrugging:t2:)
  • i think that i dont need to put here legend because they are similar to what i wrote :grimacing:
  • Domovois can be friends with Brownies, we have them but at the begining they were always fighting so we had to make them clear if they would not act like wise spirits we will kick them both :joy: ( i brought Brownie to our home and i was in trouble :joy: :woman_shrugging:t2: )
  1. Kikimora
  • originally from polish and russian mythology
  • she is negative house spirit who is bringing nightmares into your sleep
  • she is feasting on your fear, saddnes and depression ( what we these days call shadows or negative ones people in the past and some here in Slovakia call it Kikimora …mainly on north…)
  • legend says that there was again family which had sad/ depressed son…this saddness attracted Kikimora and she started to parazite on him …and also she started to haunt their home and feast on their saddnes until that boy died when he died family moved out of their house and Kikimora started to look for another victim or she stayed in that house.
  1. Šotek
  • originally from Czech republic
  • another house spirit which is helping with animals and with house works
  • you can attract him when you leave piece of ham outside your house than when he will want to help you in household he will knock on your door 3 times and when you knock on those door once your deal is settled when twice you have no interest in him and he will leave
  • legend says in Morava there lived one old man with 5 sheeps, his wife died and he had to take care of everything by himself…one day he forgot piece of ham outside and went to sleep. Around midnight he heard 3 knocks on his door so he jumped out of bed and opened the door…and nobody was there so he closed the door and waitied if someone will knock again. After few seconds he heard again 3 knocks so he asked behind door what does it want. He heard light voice saying to him to knock once so he did, than he opened the door and saw small frogy creature which told him their deal is settled. After that night, old man had a great companion and helping hand.
  1. Pivničiar
  • originally from Slovak mythology (he looks similar like on that picture)
  • spirit which lives in old cellars and Slavic folks believed he is taking care of beer and food (these days old slavic families, mainly older people belive that he is taking care of their fruits, idk why fruits :woman_shrugging:t2:)
  • legends say that those little guys live in every cellar in every house… In old tales there was a woman which heard every night weird noises from her cellar so one day she decided to take a look, when she came into the cellar she saw ugly old man sitting on beer barel and eating cucumber…she screamed and he started to scream too. After this shock they talked and became friends and he was taking care of her cellar goods.

So here are some our slavic house spirits. Except Kikimora all of them are good in nature but when you piss them off they can easily make you life living hell.
Also here I will add a few another death deities which i forgot to write before.

Pamierlyja Božyšča part 2

  1. Svetlonos
  • originally from slovak mythology
  • he is master of illusions ( and the best for manipulatry magic)
  • in old tales people decribe him like a man without head riding on demonic horse or like bunch of blue lights
  • legends say that Svetlonos was making fun of humans, he was manipulating them to go into the swamps where they drowned … he also was killing women which went into the forest during the night…little asshole
  1. Vodník

    -originally from Slovak and Czech mythology
  • water demon
  • old slavic folks believed that he is stealing souls of drowned ones (which he drowned ) and he is putting them into small box. To predict that they were sacrificing young virgins to him.
  • legends say that there was a man who went for swim into lake, when he took clothes off and jumped into deep water something/ someone started dragging him underwater, he was weak so he was pulled under and saw ugly man with disgusting teeth…young man tried to escape but Vodnik´s sharp clawes were strong so he started to fight with him and hit Vodnik into the face, so he freed himself and never jumped into that lake again.

3.Čierna pani

  • originally from Slovak mythology, also mentioned in Polish mythology
    -lady of the dead ( she is the one who brings death)
  • I never worked with her so i dont know benefits which she can provide you :cry:
    -legend says that somewhere in Slovakia lived old woman which was dying. One day during night came Čierna pani and asked old woman 3 questions:
  1. Did you liked your life ?

  2. Did you achieved what you wanted ?

  3. Do you have any regrets?
    Old woman answered 2 questions but third one she did not answer. Čierna pani asked her why…so old woman told her about her son which she did not saw 2 years because she was angry at him. Čierna pani was silent for a few minutes and then told old woman that she has 1 week to meet her son and forgive him, than she will come for her. ( This is my most favourite legend :two_hearts:)

  4. Dargon

  • nobody knows from which mythology he comes from
  • in this picture…you can see one of his looks but he has hundreds more
    -demon of madness ( he can bring madness to your enemies, i never worked with him but some people which i know did)
  • i heard that when you summon him you will smell rotten flesh, your house will be extremly cold and you will hear horrible screaming for 2 weeks during nights
  • idk if this is legend but one magician told me that in the old slavic times he was eating children’s souls and he was raping women in his bestial furry form
  1. Runa
  • goddes of contradiction
  • originally from Slovak mythology
  • she can bring you death but also she can make you wealthy
  • only old slavs worked with her, her sigil is forbidden now
  • legend says that she was coming to women’s houses which had kids and she gave them offer. Big amount of money for their kids. When women refused she shreded them on pieces but when women agreed she took kid and gave them money. After 1 year she returned the kids to their mothers, but those kids were half demons and they mostly killed their family when they were strong enough. Sad story.

So this the end of my top list for today. :joy: Next time i will bring topic about war between Veles and Perun. Also some spirits which I mentioned here are in Witcher 3 :two_hearts:

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Thank you for the wonderful list very helpful. :grinning: :+1:

I believe I heard about Domovoi or someone like him somewhere before, can’t remember exactly. I lived in Russia for about 10 years so probably somebody mentioned him or something !

Very interesting spirits to work with :metal:


I named my guitar after Svetlanos. I had to sell it because of some financial issues. I want it back now lol


I loved the legend of Čierna pani! She sounds very familiar!


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