Domination on the field

For about one day, I felt that 2 people were trying to set up a spiritual fight against me,
I could feel them in my aura, pushing things, trying to curse me.

A few nights before however, I had a ritual circle session, that included Lilith, (representative, ultimately of the pure divine feminine) - it might have been her teaching me this, since I asked to be strategically optimal, and ready for anything in existence, outside of my circle.
I had also asked her about the difference, between walking in sovereignty on earth versus calling upon the source, (=the one cosmic God-Self we ultimately are- the I AM-presence)
so here in the occurrence, I was shown how to pose as the Cosmic “I” (alpha) looking into the Cosmic “AM” Omega. Ultimately I also remember a channeling saying "ultimately, you are the Alpha looking into the Omega - (whether you are a male or female)

(here it comes) so I had this dream and I was seeing those 2 people represented in an astral dimension, and what I said, seeing them was,

“in the name of the Omega, may dragons of destruction and ruin obliterate them”

and after that I instantly felt a release of energy, like one would generally feel when working with demons, feeling a decompression of one’s compressed life-force, a release…and I remember waking up right after having said these words, feeling like the situations had been handled. I felt light again.