Doing work in the mundane to assist your magic

Now I often hear that in order to get the result you want to obtain you often have to put the effort in the mundane. So for example to get a book published I should continue speaking to publishers or to make millions I should have an existing revenue stream.

But how does the above work in regards to other type of magic. For example: baneful magic, it’s not like I can buy a gun to murder my target (well I could although I am liable to get caught which would defeat the whole purpose of summon an entity to do it for me).

The same rule applies to love magic and getting an ex back. Often you just do not contact them.

I suppose the easy answer is it depends on the particular magic you are doing as to whether you should take steps in the mundane world but it would be good to get other practitioners views on this.

It doesn’t have to be directly contributing to the situation, you may just be making sure the energy is grounded in the physical.

So, for the baneful magik example, after the ritual, do something in the physical to honor that energy, e.g. put a rune (on paper) in your shoe and walk around on it holding the intention, leave a stone you enchanted in the targets yard, leave a candle lit, buy a book about death, all sorts of things can contribute.

Love magik - I’d say work on yourself, make yourself better, more attractive to the other - so, go to the gym, buy and read a book you know they like to connect with them on multiple levels, learn about something from thier background, like, the history of thier hometown… you’re aligning your energy with theirs and making it easier for the flow to come to you.