Doing the 5 first requests for readings. (tarot)

Please post your request for a reading here, and if you want the reading to be private, just say so in the message. This is so that people can see how many have requested a reading.

IF you would like a reading, even though the quota is full, if you offer to trade a reading for a reading, I will do it.

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Read me

I’d like one.

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Would I please be able to have one, thankyou.

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Please can I have one?

You’re starting something new, or you will be. Probably a project. I feel like you will have to or are managing someone or something, overseeing something? Keep your wits sharp and quick, you will need it.

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It is absolutely true

Thank you :heart:

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You had to handle a situation calmly and honestly with someone else. You were very quick and to the point. I get the feeling of you informing them of something.

For now, you have to trust and believe in what is prepared for you. Be careful about the emotional instability involved. Highs and lows are in front of you, but you shouldn’t let that throw you off.

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I feel like this won’t resonate.

Could I have one please

You are in a position where you are tempted to (or more likely) are completely avoiding your feelings on a matter. I see discontent and pain in a relationship, and this isn’t easy on you.Maybe you’re doing too much in the relationship for not enough, or you’re trying being content with something you can’t handle. This is not healthy.

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Can i get one

You’ve stolen something. I am going full intuition here. You either stole something or are hiding from something, the truth or the consequences of your actions. I get the sense of you just living in comfort or luxury, as of now. This won’t last. You’re coming up on a time where things can’t get worse. This will be painful. Work through it.

annnnd that’s all 5 readings! I hope I get tons of feedback on how accurate it was from @Helena @AureliaMencargianis and @Alakir !

If you wish to get more readings despite the limit being reached, I will allow a trade of tarot readings.

Well, considering what you and me just talked about in PM, it was pretty accurate. :wink:

Thank you.

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I also got the feeling it wasn’t us. Still, might be.

Interesting, because I have never stolen my whole life and never will. The hands of a thief are cut of in my culture and family traditions, besides that stealing tells your subconscious that you are poor so that doesn’t resonate. And I actually went through the described time earlier this year (where things can’t get worse) but interesting thank you. Hmm I currently I don’t hide anything but finally am who I am.

There is pain in my relationship with my brother at the moment, but that is due to him being stuck in London during COVID-19 and I worry for him.

Other than that, I am kind of anti-relationship. Other people are pretty much the bane of my existence.

Thankyou very much for the reading.