Doing magic while pregnant?

So I’ve been really debating working with Belial recently. The subject at matter is that I’m trying to help my fiancé get out of a legal accusation and prove himself innocent with a lie detector test(not completely sure if he’s innocent or not) before the authorities look for him . I’m not sure if I should have my fiancé work with Belial himself or if I should do it, I don’t think my man is as experienced with magic as I am. All he’s told me about is communicating with Lucifer to help him become not so emotional and gain physical beauty when he was younger before but no rituals or anything like that . Helppppp . Need guidance. I don’t want him to get arrested and be away from our family . He’s really involved and happy that we’re having a little baby and I just don’t know what to do .

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What is your question? If you can do magick while being pregnant or if you could evoke Belial to help your fiance?

@Anassa should I evoke Belial while pregnant ? To help with this whole legal situation

I don’t see why not.


I think youll be fine.