Doing FREE readings

Ive been doing oracle readings for a few months now and I want to test my skills. Ill be using a deck I created myself. I call it the Light Oracle Deck. Along with Ms. Virtue’s deck: Life purpose oracle deck. I might use some other decks/ crystals of mine.

Just give me your name (or nick name) and a topic you want a reading on.

Ill try to do as many ppl as possible. Im too shy to start a yt channel so Ill stick to doing readings here :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, but you CANNOT offer readings to this forum. You have just joined us, and we have a rule that new members cannot offer readings until they have been active on here for at least 90 days,

Flagged for the moderator to lock.


Hi @Spiritualitee, I’ll send you a PM soon with useful forum info in that explains this a bit more. :+1:

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