Doing an invocation or evocation with your spouse & offering thought

Hi BALG Family,

So I have a thought & a question. Please forgive if this has been asked before, as I find it therapeutic in a way to ask you guys about the things in my head regarding magick.

I work in a geographical area different from where I live, so make it home 1 or 2 weeks out of every month. Currently away from my wife, but planning to return home the end of this coming week. My question is when I return home, can I do an invocation or evocation with my wife together. She has amazing energy and can almost manifest anything when she becomes emotional about something. I’m thinking with her power and my learning from this site and books I’m reading we can be a powerhouse together.

I’m thinking of us both reaching out to King Paimon, as I’m a musician and she a teacher. I feel he would be able to help us both achieve success together as a couple and be able to use our success to help others, whether financially or with knowledge.

I would be interested in your thoughts or experience. My wife is down and rolls with me with my crazy ideas and experiments…lol

Also one more note, I was thinking…I’m doing ok as a musician and songwriter but want to be better off financially. I genuinely believe it will happen this year with the help of the Demons, but also the advice that I’ve been given here. I was thinking not only would I give an offering to the Demons once specific goals and requests having been achieved but to also offer at random some type of financial offering to those who are helping me in this journey here on BALG. Would this be frowned upon or something people would welcome? I believe in blessing people who help me along the way, maybe the reason why I’m not rich…lol…but I feel good doing it.

Thanks for all your help

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Hi @DarkestKnight, thank you for your reply. It means a lot considering your experience in things I have yet even to comprehend. When you say “Yes” Do you mean the ideas outlined are good or bad ones? Sorry for my ignorance and newbie mind, I just want to get all I can with a clear understanding & without being a nuisance to anyone.

So with that said, is it a yes to doing magick with my wife & giving an offering to those who help me here on BALG along the way? Or yes to it being frowned upon & working alone without my wife? Or even Yes to working with King Paimon for my music and my wife’s teaching? Sorry for all the questions:-)

I much appreciate all your help!

Yes, to working with your wife.

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Thank you @DarkestKnight! We are set to do it This coming Sunday. Fingers crossed and of course, I will report back.

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:slight_smile: King Paimon is always great to work with.
There are other beings (I’ll add them if you wish*) that are specific for what you ask though, but, it’s always a really good thing to work with Paimon. When it comes to offerings (in ritual), those are optional, in order to get what you want. :slight_smile: Demonic work for conjoint work brings great synchronicity.

What type of circle do you plan on using btw, or method of doing your ritual? :slight_smile:

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Hi @Hermes, thank you for responding. The only method I know of right now is those in the Demons of Magick book by Gordon Winterfield.

My wife and I will be discussing this more as to whether we want to do invocation or evocation. We are super new and probably would be freaked out seeing a Demon at this point, let alone a King! Although we will discuss it more and I’m sure we will be led to the right way to do this together.

Any ideas or thoughts are much appreciated, and we aren’t ruling out full evocation, just not sure as of yet.