Doing a Petition Spell Subconsciously

Hi forum!

I just woke up from a dream where I did a petition spell in my attic. I can’t remember to which spirit it was, I think it was either Duke Gremory or Prince Sitri.

My dream:
While I was doing the petition my body was moving on his own all around the attic. Everything started to calm down when I came to the gratitude part of the petition spell.

It wasn’t intentional because I wasn’t lucid, but will it still work? Has anyone had the same experience?


if you were contemplating it before you dream it then yes! Its hard to lucid and remember what I want to cast for in my dream! But I find that obsessing about a working helps me dream about it! So its like I cast it in my dreams intentionally without being lucid!
I would do evocation in my dreams to meet spirits but my subconscious would control what I ask for if any!