Doing a few rune stone reading (closed)

So I just o the set yesterday and I need to get some use in I made a answer key based of of a few different perceptions ovthe runes together. I’ve done a few reading like 3 that I used a rune in to answer a question so yea at least first five will get a reading I’ll most likely do the 5 rune draw where 2nd is past 1st is present 5th is future and 3 is what you can get help with and 4 is what you have o just accept the way they are.

So yea at least five reading for this please say a question when you ask for the reading, I you wanvi can also do a single rune and so glad taro card pull to answer the question I just tried that and they matched up. So yea ask a question and say if 5 rune draw or quike answer with both. When doin the quike answer with both of rune is upside-down and addresses flaws it’s not a no unless the card also says a near no or no it’s a it’s gonna be no I less you address these things the rune speaks about.


Hello ! Can I get a rune reading . My question is : how situation goes whit an angel that is harassing me ?

I’ll bite, may I have a reading? I would like to know what the female infernal entity’s challenge is. Thank you

Can I have one??

can i have one plz :grinning:
my qns is when my ex gf engagement with her current bf will be broken and when she will come back to me completely ,they are planning to marry after november this year.

Ok we have our 5 just did one in pm for someone so is close it for now. I’ll do them in order out asked for them, good to see you guys again lol :yum:

Luna do our want a general reading or do you have a question?

And it’s gonna take a little bit of time on these Im just now learning how to do them and all that.

So I’ma do a drawing for present future and one or what you need to address and one for what our need to accept abouvthe situation

I’ma just leave out the past on this one.
So present upside-down Mannaz the human rune, it referenceing being selfish uninvolved a victim and alone and egotism, so seems like you beIN targeted for a reason that wasn’t really your fault your a victim and seemingly feel or are alone in the situation this is a heavenly rune
So this is now addressing where help can be had
The upside-down Algiz rune the elk rune,
So our can get help about being used by others or get help about the truth to the situation because you were being mislead maybe directly abouvthe situation or about those situation that you put ourself in to get noticed by the angel, you can get help about how vulnerable you are I recommend a serraphin one of mercy it also says wait so you can change with help how long your waiting until the situation changes.
What you need to accept about the situation, Laguz the emotions and the flow of energy you have to accept that it’s a conduit for energy, and that it’s phychic in nature the rune also says strong female so either you have o accept them ass strong or have to accept that your a strong female befor you can move on.
Future Thurisaz the giant rune, it represents a gateway or a place of non action either you get them o leave from you or they just stop acting out on you, it represents good luck protection and unexpected opportunities. Make sure once you resolve the situation you thank those that helped you along the way and the picture of the kin of pentacles came to mind so I’ma read that then get right back, the ten of pentacles says to project confidence and act as If the things you out into plans have allready started to work be confident those you make a deal with or petition to help will help you, the card also spoke o getting good deals I think one will come your way with the luck from the rune and the image of my king of pentacles

I tryin to figure out how to pull runes for this I’m thinking pulling a rune for what things your expected to represent and pullin one for what you need to do better to complete the chanllange when it appears then one for what our going to have to o through during the chanllange then one to give a simple answer to if you succeed the chanllange when it happens, ps let me know what the chanllange ends up being when you figure it out I wanna know how good I did.

I pulled one to just try the answer about what the chanllange is. So upside-down Algiz. So our goin o have to be able to identify who will use you and who is worthy of your help in people out meet or when someone you don know much asks for help, your gonna have to show patience and even though our vulnerable our goin o have to find out who is misleading you and who is beonbhibest maybe you get in both sides of an argument or there multiple people tryinbto help you with sonthing out gotta figure out who is out for them selves and who is there to help you.

So now a rune for what you need to get better at doing for the challenge,. Upside-down Sowilo the sun rune, so you need to either be more or less self centered I’m getting the idea you need to center you focus a little bit more on yourself and no less.

And now a pull to say the result of the chanllange if you were to take I today. Tiwaz the arrow you show curage and are just bringing a fair treatment of you this rune also talks about a strong Male so maybe out win the favor of someone she cares about, a random rune fell out and it was a negative a warning about unfare treatment because of shadows so make sure you are banishing regularly so they don’t mislead you they represent inturuptoons and a disruptive force. Either banish or just kill one o them it’ll send a good message not to mess with you evenbi you need help from a strong male by them lending you a weapon to use in the action.

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@Lunasthus yo did you have a question or wanted the general reading I’ma have a cig and when I get back I’ll do the reading as general unless you give answer.

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Awesome, focus on self, be strong, banish, and maybe a weapon? Thank you for your read, and I will let you know

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O upside-down Ehwaz horse, past you’ve been on a long journey that had sudden change and timein was everything either missing key events or just bearly getting back in time for them to happen
Present upside-down hagalaz hail, so our currently having negative pay offs for things you invest in and dealing with disruptive forces wrecking havoc.
What can he helped upside-down Algiz out can get help in dealing with other taking advantage of you or misleading you you can also get help for the state of vulnerability your in and lastly in wait time you can get help and it have fast results.
What our need to accept abouvthe situation
Upside-down Fehu your going to have some dissapointment and arguments maybe even some money loss while dealing with getting to the point of the future reading.
Future Mannaz your goin to come to a new I derstandin of self and be modest about it with it you’ll have increased though power and creativity, the rune also mentions attruism bubi don know what that means.

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Thank you it makes sense . :blush:

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So I pulled a rune for what you need to accept about the situation and got Uruz, the ox rune, it represents her some good and his manhood you got to accept that there there It also represents stregth I think this is about your own that you have power o cause things to happen.
Then I drew one is it possible for him to get her back and got the Ehwaz rune the horse, which I believe to be a reference on trusting on something supernatural for the horse and furring that time you’ll need to have ple ty of movement our progress comes from your involvement with her she doesn’t tell you to fuck off even though her man is really like he’s just trying to get out or himself, the rune talks about trust which will be key in getting her to chose out over him she as to trust that you would basically die to save her and all that, o I’d recommend staging somthing like so done tryin to mug her with a knife and you step I front of them and take the k Ife away but they get away when they run you stay there sayi g you’d chase but don want to leave her alone that must have been tramatic. It also states swift results which I like to working with Asmodeus about getting her to cheat on him with you and the Like, I sorta just called him name because he once said he causes women to be unfaithful and he’s awesome. So I then pulled another rune and asked what you’ll have to do to achieve it and got the Perthro Rune upside down and it references revealed secrets your gonna have to find out what he’s hiding from her and reveal it, and also says unexpected results so don be afraid of trying so thing even though it seems like I wouldn’t work the. Says disloyal I assume that’s his secret is he was disloyal or that what you have o do is get he o sleep with you.
I asked what else he should know and pulled the jenaz rune which is the wood rune it references Fire and torches after if references a opening maybe that opening is how she will feel for you again if she sees you be active in he life or maybe it’s from magical work opening the fire bacninto her until she’s Caring two torch’s or two different men, it mentions dispelling darkness so you have remove some o the phychic webs he’s weaved on her to bend her to his will. Cast a dispell on her that prevents his sexual magic from beIN used maybe as a single step towards it. It also says creativity and lust so you have to get really creative in the things you use to draw he attention into spending time with you and use your potential as much as you can when doin magical workings say my potential acts and fullfils this task or creates this effect because it’s to important of a matter for me to worry about if it’s done good enough I trust my potential my desired self to do this. Hmm weird had a thought about you getting with a chick from the wedding party that looks like Alice culin from twilight but I was thinking I was a brides made like trying to make her jelly then calling sorry that’s a weird thought but yea maybe that’s what the girl your after looks like I have the feeling you’ve know them or a reallblong time I seen you two danceinbtogethevhe Ina green dress wearing your crusage I dunno where that’s coming from it just coninbto my mind. I pulled another rune and asked does he get her and got Ingiz upside-down which says marking ending and beginnings, milestones. Which can be taken a few different ways.
I’d definitely talk to Asmodeus about getting this situation figured out and just be honest with him and how you need help to win her back if you can hear spirits would be wonderful on what he tells you to do, I think as a sighn of a offering for when ever you petition him and out start to talk to him out should swallow a goldfish, I sorta just had that come o mind when I thought about what offering you should make to him to start the work and I gevhis attention about being serious. I think he would like theoffering and I would work good for getting his attention I can’t guarantee anythin cause I don’t even know him that just sorta popped Into my head, I think he will only like it if it’s a show of humility how your willing to do almost anything to get her and would do what ever was requested o you to do from spirits. Hmm the goldfish idea seems to novbe getting that good of a review now when tryin to channel. But yea I still think it’s a good request to do for showing willingness to do with intent o winning over he who can achieve your goals.
I’ll draw a rune asking if you contact Asmodeus if he will work with you, go the Jenaz rune the one that speaks meaning is as follows, opening, fire, torch, dispelling darkness, creativity, lust.

General :blush:

I already did a general reading for you t friend sorry I seemed so gloom but did definitely have a good future reading like a reward or going through some shit.

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Thnx bro

thnx a lot , i am vegetarian so i cant do such offering ,any other offering you can suggest me for asmodeus?

Honestly I’d make a page and say I was recommended Asmodeus for a complex task and one with connection to him able to give advise try and find someone who can speak with him to help. As easy to know offering that any spirit should appreciate is palmogranate get two one you eat while drawing him in after an Invo and leave one on alter and petition for his help, but the guidence from someone else would be very helpful from someone who can hear he’s just the only one that comes to mind at would be able to pull off your situation.

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Thnx a lot for ur advice