Dogma In the LHP

Like it or not but I have to touch on this subject, my forte and true path is the LHP and it always has been.

It’s the path that has no rules, complete freedom, power and individuality.

But there are authors in today’s age that bullshit their followers, I have read many grimoires and books from some amazing authors.

Like @Asenath_Mason I have worked through here many books on draconian magick and the qlipphoth.

And Ea koetting a many books, like 18 flames of the O.A.A, and kingdoms of flames and book of azazel, evoking eternity etc.

@asbjorntorvol the most controversial mind provoking author with his many books like " magick it’s all in your head " and many more.

Including @Timothy with his black magick manifesto, and his mind picking philosophy on the LHP.

I could go on and on with great authors like @KurtisJoseph and Michael W Ford and many many more.

But something has come to my attention, as black magicians and those who walk this path, we understand that there is no certain way of going about a certain magick act to gain a certain result.

But still there are authors and magicians / witches that say that you can’t do ( A ), unless you perform a animal sacrifice, or unless you have This specific stone or these venoms or bones etc.

While I agree certain things like these hold power, the same result can be gained from replacing them with other things.

Telling someone they will never have the same result just because they can’t get a certain item, is stupid.

That’s a form of dogma and you’re limiting somebody, which isn’t the agenda of the LHP.

Look the magickal imagination is the greatest tool you’ll ever use, altering your state of consciousness and changing your brain waves using trances are powerful.

The desire, the passion and will are key components.

But if you’re looking for actual tools, two of the most potent devices live in your physical body, you can use your blood ( the life force and power of you and you’re ancestors ).

Blood letting isn’t a must though as you could use sexual juices, your hair anything that is apart of you, is a great powerful tool and offering.

I just wish that people could understand that you can interact with any entity or system without fetish items or stupid shit like crow eggs etc.

To quote Lil Dicky " you can make path while the rest of these motherfuckers drive straight " :joy:, probably not the best quote but it has relevance to what I’m saying.

Okay so just to clear it up, stop worrying that you don’t have a certain incense, stop worrying you don’t have a wand with golden dust symbols on them.

Stop worrying that you don’t have a white dove to sacrifice and all that other shit, YOU ARE THE GREATEST AND MOST ADVANCED TOOL THERE IS.

While I agree that runes, tarot and other things of this nature are useful, once you mastered them you don’t need them anymore.

Those who preach dogma or rules In the LHP, go fuck yourself, to all the rest of you happy ascending.


Conner Kendall.


Preach brother! I’m glad you made a post about this. Really inspires me to write a post about some of the stuff we talk about :slight_smile:


Good thread, man. It’s funny, too, that many people obsess over a tool or component without even understanding what the corespondences of the item are. If they did they would understand why substitution works so well.

I have told more than one new practitioner, when asked what to do for tools when starting out, to ignore all the bling. I invariably tell them the same thing: A 5 pack of different colored Sharpie markers, a notebook and an internet connection is all you need to have a respectable practice. If you want to go “big budget” get a few candles and a tube of incense from Walmart.

None of them seem to take my word, though. It seems like human nature that they find little value in a physical item unless they pay out the ass for it.


Yeah exactly, people obsess over the items because it’s been portrayed that way in the media.


Many people also do not understand how much more powerful a tool you create yourself is. Candles and metalwork aside, there is not an item used in my practice that is not a product of my own hands and a lot of dedication to it’s purpose. It’s not “free” but spending time can be a lot easier on the bank account than spending money.


Yeah I agree but as I always say, YOU are the greatest tool there is.


Yep. Also, I have heard good results from people who use astral tools. Why aren’t people doing this?

You raise a good point, though. I cannot tell you how many times I will see a person fret over tools, but will totally disregard their own daily spiritual exercises. As you said, the magician is their own most powerful tool. Too many people are focused on keeping the car waxed instead of putting oil in the engine.


I honestly don’t quite understand why many people try to go out of thier way to get items. My only two investments in my practice are books to get my ideas and philosophy fleshed out and a few statues and pendants for devotional work. Everything else is under $15, easily replaceable and a lot of it wasn’t even meant to be ritual paraphernalia in the first place. My current book of shadows is actually an artist’s sketch dairy with a Sharpie nearby. And a lot of things were from thrift shops and practically bargains. And the reason I’ve invested in occult books and statues of deities was not because they are necessary, but because I wanted to offer things to the spirits; places on my altar, my time and if they have really helped me a small money sacrifice. And the books get me inspired.
I do agree that people should start small. See what’s around the house first and then get what you need, but only what you need. Grow your collection as you flesh out your practice but don’t get so much that your house becomes a multi-room shrine. What you need is in the only true temple, your body. Everything else helps you with stimulus and ideas, which for a beginner is helpful but once you become stronger there’s less of a need to get fancy tools.
(Seriously, no one needs two $50 ritual blades, a fancy candle for every ritual or 15 BoS’s for each aspect of the work! Budget your money wisely and don’t go overboard with it. And reuse expensive investments and useful tools as often as possible.)


Okay. Here is the thing. Pricking your finger and placing blood on a piece of paper is just not the same as sacrificing a life. Check this out.

See that spiritual “force” leaving the body of the mouse? That is the clay of Yesod. Blood is a gateway yes. It is powerful. Evocations can work with it yup. So one will experience 10x’s the results through sacrificing a life. HOWEVER, it is not NEEDED to evoke.

Within certain alchemical rites within BMoA sacrifice is a requirement. WHY? Well let me put it simply as best I can for ALL. There is nothing but the singularity which originates from the void. You need an ass ton of energy to open up certain internal doorways by understanding that sacrificing something outside of self does not truly exist because all is connected through the common thread of dark matter. By taking the life of an animal you sacrifice a part of self. That is the truth of it all. Then as a result certain initiations occur through the process. This opens internal psychic doors of empowerment as parts of the “ID” which do not serve becoming have been placed on an altar of sacrifice through an external source of power (which is only external due to the same social paradigms that say divinity is outside of self) so that YOU as a “speck” of divine power may grow.


Modern magickians will say that the power is in your DNA… ABWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Listen. Your “DNA” is likely not activated. It has been “turned off” by many avenues of attack geared toward the potential of mankind. Sacrifice of life is a chief cornerstone within ancient magickal systems for a reason. They try to make “Christ” out to be the last of all sacrifices so the “taboo” against animal sacrifice is propagated through Christian ideology.

Now… you say that YOU are the MOST POTENT TOOL… this is true. However you need to understand that the serpent upon the altar is part of you. The rooster used to ensoul a statue is part of you and this YOU has power outside the limitations of “ID” which you can take from to manifest the miraculous.


So… I honestly do not care to comfort people. I just intend to shed light on truth no matter how uncomfortable people may feel. Growth will always remain outside the comfort zone. That is just the way it is. With all that being said let us talk on MY BOOK for a moment. I set CLEAR warnings in place. These did not come from my ideas. No they were set in place because the spirits placed them there. Does that mean that you will suffer if you do not follow the rules? I honestly do not know nor do I care. I placed the warnings which I WAS GIVEN on MY journey. Go ahead and break the integrity of the warnings. I will not dare tell anyone what to do. I simply “WARN”.


I just wrote an entry in my blog about the ‘found spells’ on the internet that require certain things and I think it’s absolute bullshit lol. It makes no sense, especially for spells for direct personal use…you’re better off using things or replacing parts of a ritual or spell items that can directly relate to you, rather than cookie cutter things. You need connection… not pre-fabricated.

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Okay let me replace gravity with simply placing a 180 pound weight on your head… it will serve the same purpose no?


I call bullshit on new age bullshit. I claim authenticity within ancient practice. This is the difference between result and psychodrama.

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Let me evoke you through fire and sacrifice a chicken in your name. Feel the euphoria and power and then tell me this practice does not hold merit. Does it mean everyone has to do it? Nope. It still does not change the fact that it holds great power.


I can see a certain amount of dogma towards the Right Hand Path, rather than by following the Left Hand Path by the book of a specific branch. But that dogma of opposition is the common denominator to break free of the shackles of limitation monoteistic religions brings upon us.

Black Magic is just like a chunk of unformed clay that we have to shape and build ourself. The rituals and methods of magic is the unformed clay offered to us, and as long as we understand how that clay was made, we can build whatever we have in mind.

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@Dogma of the LHP is the OP. I am not out to shoot down anyone’s personal view. However, let me make it clear that to judge sacrifice just because you are not willing to do it is to be constrained by dogma. My karma ran over that dogma years ago. Growth is not found within comfort. Period. I do not enjoy sacrifice. Before I wrote BMoA if you would have asked me if I would ever do it I swear swear I would NOT! Then I was taught the science behind it by the spirits themselves and it is a most intricate science which has been used for thousands of years. This work is much more sinister than that which has been published. For good reason. The interesting thing is that those who embrace the sinister nature find the inner light. That is the light which casts the shadow in the direction we seek to cast it. That is what will create large scale change.


I disagree. The difference between success and failure is not about following traditions of ancient practices. If it was, then everyone would have successful results with black magic. If your intentions isn’t aligned towards the result you’re striving for, then your ancient traditions you’re advocating is totally useless. You could do the total opposite of a magical practice and get the same result. Why? Because your intentions was aligned to the result you were looking for.

Science is one thing. Understanding it is another. Calling others way of practicing magic “bullshit” is not constructive and encouraging at all.


Okay. I have to agree with @KurtisJoseph with this. It’s about more than just intent. There is a reason for blood sacrifices. That is laid out quite clearly in many texts. Also, the Spirits do place restrictions. I know that quite well. I am inclined to follow them to the letter. I don’t follow instructions because of dogma. I follow them because I have found that certain things are put in place for a reason, and because the Spirits want me to. There is a difference.


I have to disagree with @succupedia at the end of the day. There is more to magick than simply directed intent. There is REAL POWER in these practices that goes beyond such simplifications. There are times when you will get results simply from blindly following instructions that you don’t understand. It’s not the best way to teach perhaps, but it wasn’t entirely unheard of and I assure you that it does produce results. At the same time there are things that cannot be done (or at least cannot be done without any amount of ease) by simply focusing your intent on a Chaos Magick spell. That’s just not how it works. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from learning the Internal Arts is that not all seemingly arbitrary instructions are in fact arbitrary. Some of them are, sure, but there are reasons for many things that cannot simply be explained through your reasoning.