Does your target knowing you're a magician effect the potency of your love Magick?

My love, my most recent ex, who I am currently doing work on knows I am a witch. He’s a spiritual person too and does basic candle Magick himself. The first time we actually ever met he literally looked at me and said “you’re a witch.” I said “are you asking or telling me?” He said, “I’m telling you. I know you are.”

For a split second, I wanted to deny it. Not because I am ashamed or embarrassed, but because I was a bit concerned it would make him less receptive to love Magick if/when I wanted to preform it. My ex before him also knew I was a witch. They have both been receptive to my magic. So I’m not implying that a love target knowing will make them completely unreceptive, but I’m wondering how/if it affects things?

For example, the love I am currently working on… When my spells take effect, is it easier for him vs a dude who doesn’t know I’m a witch to reject & resist my work simply for the fact that he knows I have magical power/am a witch? Like “oh she keeps popping up in my mind and dreams, must be because she’s a witch and casting spells” type of scenario.

Do you think your love Magick is more potent to the unsuspecting or do you have the opposite experience or does it not matter for you either way? Do you tell your new love interests or targets you’re a magician?

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Well without a doubt, its better to cast magickal spells on people who are unaware of magick. If you’re aware of it, you can fight back against it. At the same time though, just because your target practices magick, it doesn’t make them immune to its effects. I remember a video EA made some years ago about love magick, and he talked about how a witch he dated at the time put a love spell on him and it ended up working for a time. When it wore off though, he put one on her and caused her to commit suicide…so there’s that.

Think of it this way…there’s a difference between robbing someones car, and robbing a bank. You can succeed at both, but one requires far more preparations, co-ordination and planning than the other…simply because they are more aware of the possibility of being robbed. So in your situation, if you are going to target a fellow magician, you cannot go about it in the same way that you do a regular person. You’ll have to do preliminary spells to wear down his defenses and bind him magickally before you even think of casting the love spell. And at that point you’ve gotta ask yourself, “Is it worth it?” Is he worth all this trouble and potential spiritual battle when you could easily find a better guy out there who has all of the same qualities, minus the witchcraft.


Depends if they know you did a spell on them. If they’re into it, their buy in would help strengthen the flow.

If they don’t want it and know you did the spell, just knowing that makes it easy for them to reject it.

If they know you’re a mage but don’t suspect you’d act against them, then it’s the same as if they didn’t know you were a mage.

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I had a love spell cast on me.
He admitted to it.
I still felt its effects, but was able to resist it.

And if he had invoked Lucifer or Michael’s protection?

Same rules apply. There’s nothing special about Lucifer or Michaels protection that can’t be overcome by a compotent magician. The same spirits used to gain protection can also be used to break it down by an opponent. At that point, it becomes a battle of wills.


What did it feel like?

But if Michael protects the magician and I so call him to remove that protection would he not refuse as it would be betrayal of the magican he protects?

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Perhaps. But that’s kinda irrelevant. What one entity wont do, another one will. Michael is not the biggest, baddest most awesomest defense a magician could call upon that no person on the face of the planet can overcome or get around.

That’s the question because Michael is said to be one of if not the most powerful protectors in the universe.

By whom? Honestly, its hard for me to imagine someone being ignorant enough to make such a claim, but I guess its possible.

My former mentor years ago who was an eclectic pagan witch and medium. In the book Summoning Spirits by Konstantine it has also been stated that Michael is one of the most powerful protectors in the universe.

The universe is a pretty large place. Michael is just one amongst many with great power. I wouldn’t attribute any sort of special invulnerable ubermensch power to him. I’m sure Christians want folks to think that, but they aren’t the only pantheon with a roster of powerful spirits and gods.

It was stated that Michael was one of the most powerful protectors which would mean he is not alone. I once argued about Michael and Lucifer being equal.

Two years of absolute obsession, two years of looking for signs that we were “meant to be”. Anger when I thought of him with another. Jealousy. Rage. Possessiveness. A lot of anger, a lot of hurt.

If you look up “limerance”, it was like that – but angry.