Does visualization really work?

I have a bad feeling I’m gonna get flamed for asking and the intention behind it, but I really need help… If I look at a beautiful Japanese girl online for 1 minute, then close my eyes and visualize that I am such a girl everyday, will that manifest a synchronicity opportunity and influence the collective unconscious to find me, as I find them to be part of a science experiment project that involves body swap or something or that nature? Except HRT or SRS. I don’t want to be transgender. Only authentic. Please don’t flame me. I’ve been feeling suicidal because I was born a lousy incompetent male. Thank you.

You would eventually create a thoughtform of that girl, because you’re feeding energy into a visual thought of her. However, the personality is full of aware aspects and unaware and since you’d basically be just creating the look of one, the personality traits it takes would be an aspect of one you’re aware of or unaware. It might not be your intention to make one but often times putting energy into thoughts over time creates such a thing.

No, it would not, OP.


Gotta be honest, I’m getting kind of weird vibes from the use of “authentic” as an inherent opposer to being transgender. Also even if this fantasy did work out for you, you wouldn’t be “authentic” by your own criteria because you’d still be undergoing a procedure, no?

Also yeah I’m just gonna go ahead and say you aren’t the first person to want to accomplish something similar and I must say the stars aligning in that particular way for you seems… unlikely at the kindest.


Stop ! Distract yourself with something else. Or you may create an egregore - thoughtform - that could create Havoc within your life in ways far from what your visualizing. Such as health problems for yourself, legal problems, taxes, etc. I have seen it happen in people’s lives. A guy was visualizing about being married to this lady I knew. An egregore was formed and caused her legal problems. Thing is, he told her he visualized them being together married for over a year. When he stopped, it caused her to have serious legal problems. It took a year for her to get her life sorted out after she got him out of her life.
Visualizing is for seeing yourself living the life, mundane as it is, that you actively want to live.

Visualisation works when we are able to feel the reality of the scenario we want to manifest, we need to feel how we would feel as if it already manifested and visualise more things, Anything is possible, but this is extremely improbable and not possible, unless you have a lot of power.

This is such a serious problem!!! See the chart


The problem is when you compare yourself with others you loose energy. Shame is the lowest vibration. This means a small group of people can influence you just by having the same ideas about you. You must solve this problem immediatly!!!


I tend to disagree with charts that symbolize low vibrations= bad and high vibrations=good. However, I suppose it’s understandable for the comparison.