Does this symbol seem familiar to anyone?

It looks kind of like that, imagine a white 3D spring that’s been extended.

sorry, it just reminds me of an old school phone cord, I guess I am getting old (yeah, before cordless phones and cell phones.)


Don’t get me started, I used punch cards computers that had less then 10 bites of ram


I remember the old days. I remember waiting for specific shows coming during the day on my boxy black and white TV. Man I’m getting old and I’m barely 20.

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Honestly I dont think this symbol means anything, it’s something a lot of kids use to draw in school.


@Jastiv Yeah it looked exactly like a slightly stretched phone cord

@Velenos I don’t really know if it’s important either, but it was weird how it came to me. I was contemplating demons and that type of symbol randomly appeared very strongly in my mind. I thought maybe it was just an object in the room, but there wasn’t anything like that anywhere around me. This type of stuff doesn’t happen very often to me. Probably nothing, but I thought maybe there is a small chance that this has some significance to someone on these forums, or maybe I’d find some clarity.

Commodore 64 bios log on just to play spy vs spy, where in the world is Carmen sandiego, Oregon trail, dungeon and dragons, the original link series, and floppy discs the size of toast. Also laser disc, beta tapes, 8 trak and vinyls. Now who feels old ya damn whipper snapper.


…maybe a spiritual Umbilical cord? Wild theory anyway.

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Scry into it

Means spiral bound