Does this mean an ex is over me or still cares?

So I was hoping to get opinions about this…
I had sent a gift to an ex that is very resistant and basically wants nothing to do with me. I still sent a bday gift for multiple reasons. Most is to hopefully open the doors to possibility of friendship or something other than blocked out of each others lives.
Once he got it, he told me, indirectly since I’m blocked on social media, that he got my gift in the mail. He said “got the package thank you” and then I said happy birthday again. He then said “appreciate it”
I could be overthinking like I do. But Coild that be a sign he’s completely over me and doesn’t care. Or does it mean he he was angry but he’s grateful and is potentially becoming open to the idea of friendship or anything positive? Or does it mean something else?
He accepted the gift and thanked me for it… I just can’t tell what that means. From what I google on what it means from someone who’s me who does that. Even the internet has it wrong cus it says my intentions were one thing when it’s nothing I’ve read online. I don’t think I’m like most ppl especially when it comes to post break ups.
Anyway… if anyone has ideas or thoughts on it I would like to know.

It tells two things:

1 - he’s indifferent about you. It doesn’t mean he is angry or he’s pretending something, he just don’t care. Sorry to say that, but he’s just being “polite” to thank you. Accepting your gift doesn’t mean that he cares, just mean that he received it. He maybe give your gift to another person, or sold it to make some money to go out with another girls, who knows?

2 - You should get over it too. Magick is to deal with things that are out of our reach, of course, but when a person are over another, it’s extremely difficult to have it back. First, because the person already changed his mind. Second, because when people do this kind of magick, they do out of desperation, and this means that they won’t be capable of letting it go. And a thing that is already extremely difficult tends to become almost impossible. If you did this magick by yourself, and is overthinking a lot, it’s almost impossible to get it. And if you hired a magician, no matter how experienced or how many successes he has, if you are overthinking after asking him to do his magick, you’re delaying the outcome or even preventing it.

So if you ex is over you, the best tip is to get over it too. Go dating other people, and doing magick so you can become even more desirable in the eyes of these people. This way, you start to date more, enjoy your life more, your self esteem grows up to the sky, and in the end you’ll easily attract another men/women, and believe me, your ex will become crazy with you again. It’s easier to get him back this way than doing magick on him by yourself right now. I’m being extremely sincere, but not mean to offend you anyhow. Is just that, to have the guy back, if you are going to, you’ll expend a lot of time, dedication and money on it. Even if you hire a very successful magician, it’ll be expensive and exhaustive and it has the chance of not working. The wait can be extremely destructive.
So get over it. Do magick on yourself, spend that money on becoming even more beautiful than you are and go out date other people. Later on, you tell me the effect that it had on your life.

Good luck


Well spoken Isamo_Minami. Great advice.

Thanks. Luckily I don’t think he sold it or gave it away unless it’s for someone with his same name or had his same face and dog so he might just keep it. The gifts were custom enough to only fit him. But seeing that we’ll be working in close proximity together soon I have faith we’ll get to be friends again.
Trust me it’s not a let’s date again thing I’ve wanted. It’s getting a friendship back.

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