Does this happen to anyone else?

when you’re doing love work on a target, does your target ever do anything petty to you that they think will get your attention or upset you?

for ex: my target deleted a comment that he made on my instagram post of us. the post was from back in august and he commented ‘you looked amazing🖤’ and i always look at my ig pictures so today i was scrolling and i noticed he deleted that comment but kept the other comment he made on there. i also noticed that his other comments on my pictures like compliments and stuff are still there. like why go out of your way to do this lol? obviously he was on my page but why?? trying to understand what his motive was with this one lol

have any of you experienced this?

and if you’ve been keeping up with some of my posts, you know that i’ve been kind of doing the no contact thing and this guy has reached out on snapchat 4 times now! and i have only replied once and it was short and boring…

just wanted to know your thoughts and opinions & if you’ve experienced stuff like this first hand!

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So did he delete his comment you are amazing on your photo?

Maybe he is stalking you? xD

yeah! the comment said ‘you looked amazing’ on the picture of us and he deleted it lol

yeah he’s definitely lurking on my social media but idk why he deleted the comment!

If he wanted to delete all compliments then he would have done that, maybe i think he wanted to get your attention or something?

hmm true. not all comments were deleted so he was probably stalking & because of his true will and the magic i’m inflicting on him- hes probably just all over the place.

i’m thinking of doing something to break his protection and really hit him hard. and i think the no contact thing is driving him crazy, considering hes been contacting me and i have not replied whereas before i’d always try to contact him and he’d leave me hanging :joy:

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message was sent at 111 btw :rofl: angel numbers have been following me!

A goddess i love curses me somtimes. Or blesses me. Who knows…

what lol

Yes. It’s to get your attention. Worked didn’t it.

it did but he doesn’t know that it got my attention because i’m not acting on it. just sitting back patiently and taking notes :innocent:


I understand that completely. But you have to be careful with such things.

what do you mean? please elaborate! and if you’re going to tell me NOT to do love work then please don’t elaborate lol its just that i feel as if i have the right to do whatever type of magic that i please without someone judging or trying to preach to me :slightly_smiling_face: but if its something else then i’m all ears

I’m not preaching to anyone about anything. It’s just been my experience with love workings they tend to manifest as an unhealthy obsession more often than not, that’s all.

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yes im think the no contact rule works, never be available for them to return whenever they want.
So your target must be probably thinking whats happening
Keep doing what you are doing and hope for the best, magick works fast when you are relaxed

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Chillin :innocent:


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:innocent: This

But yes actually :pensive:
The games are fun and people seriously so you gotta back off at times.

dont tell that ruins it


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