Does this demon exist? - Agalariept?

So someone randomly came to my private instagram and told me they made a pact with some demon called Agalariept??? I told him I had never heard of such a name. The description I found in google is similar (sometimes the same) as Agares.
Is this guy delusional or is he just shitting me?

Also I told him I didn’t know about him and he said he sent Agalariept to spy on me??? He said be careful and don’t play with this. I’m---- Don’t know how to treat this.

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Ive seen the name before but I cant remember where. Im thinking its either from Lovecraft or D&D.


Not all demons are wrote down in occult books so it’s very possible the demon is real, demons are like any race some of them are in history, some are not. Just as humans we have well known lot of us but majority of us are just going through life lol.


You mean Agaliarept?
You can look him up in the Gremoirium Verum, for example


I’m not sure, that person said that name. But I’ll check it out, thanks!

Yes, Agaliarept or also Agahareth, a general under Beelzebuth. He commands Buer, Gusion and Botis; discovers secrets and reveals mysteries.


Thank you for this. It seems a good place to begin to find more knowledge.