Does this count as tgs?

A few hours ago i tried practicing the open sigil from E.A. and i gaze at the sigil of sallos so i can be ready for when i do my petition later this month. At first my vision become blurry and the sigil appears to do a “blurry shake” (it looks like the sigil is vibrating a little) after a few second, then i feel my hairs across my arms standing in a “goosebump” manner. I ask the duke if he was here with me but got no answer but a after a minute i think i see something dark and small that looks like a hand rubbing and crossing my mirror in my room really fast. I then told him about my petition i was going to make in a few weeks and what i would give in return. After i done this practice i go and grab a drink from my fridge and got a little headache on my right head just a little centimeter from my right eye and an occasional one on my middle forehead. I feel a little sense of relieve though. Is this what tgs feels like and did i make a contact? Thanks for the help!

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Well, I am not sure as of right now but it sounds like it. Abnormal feelings in a untimely fashion with no cause in sight. It sounds like it did work. I believe that you just may have had a different experience from the TGS.

Well seems like it works. Just this morning i dreamt about the girl i like but with another man its as if the duke is saying “you sure it didn’t work? I can make this come true you know?” I just laugh when i wake up. And just a few minutes ago i “hear” something asking me when are your petition ready? I just know this was the duke and we talked a little more about it. My center forehead throbs though and what i find from the search function it seems the ajna chakra or “third eye” is located there or something. He’s really fun to talk to and funny also!