Does this count as a manifestation?

So I’m new to magick and before I really attempt bigger spells that I actually hope will have results, I want to do a small spell to manifest something to prove to myself I can do it because I want to practice magick so bad but I can’t imagine actually getting the results I want.

Then I remembered, a couple days ago I was looking at heart locket necklaces online, not something I desperately want or have been looking at for a while, but then the next day we had guests that we haven’t seen in a while and they gave me and my sister a gift. We each got heart locket necklaces. I mean a few years ago I was searching for heart necklaces but not a locket.

This is dumb because I didn’t meditate, and it’s a common thing for a young girl but could this be a mini manifestation?

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That’s exactly how it works LOL

If I may make one small criticism to your post it’s this:

I would like to see you remove that cloud of doubt around you. Just manifest results! see it done in your mind and don’t dwell, be confident in your power and reality will listen.



Thanks for your response! Yes a huge problem is my doubt, worry and fear. I feel deep down I don’t trust that I’ll do it right I have to let go of that.

One question, if this really worked, why doesn’t it work with things that I really want? Like I think of an ex all the time, visualize us together, charge the idea, but it’s not happening.

Because you really want it lol

In magical circles this is known as “lust for result” and what it does is it keeps the energy of the manifestation in the “wanting” stage, rather than the “already have” stage, which is where you need to be.

The necklace manifested because you didn’t particularly care about receiving it. It was a “wouldn’t it be nice if…” instead of a “I absolutely gotta have this!” situation.


How do I overcome this? I go a few days where I tell myself internally I don’t care about him or don’t want him, go out with someone else but nothing change. Guess I’m gonna have to learn to do a proper spell. (Once I try that bath cleanse someone mentioned the curse removal just in case)

In my experience, if it has not manifested then some part of you or your higher self for the lack of a better term doesn’t want it.

When you obsess over something, listen to the inner voice that speaks. Is it you? A lot of times it’s your ego just taking you through the motions of pining for something It knows you will never have, in other words it is magnifying the negative emotions that you’re already feeling if that makes sense. The universe only responds in kind that which you broadcast the loudest. :slight_smile:

No it was really the best relationship ever for me. And he agreed, he said he’s never loved anyone before me, we were crazy about each other. Immaturity and occasions stupid fights ruined something not ruinable and now I’ve learned and grown

Then if your meant to be together you will, I’m a sucker for a good love story. Have you reached out to him?

Lust for result is something every magician has to deal with because we all want our desires, and we all want them now but, unfortunately, the more we are emotionally attached to something, the less likely we are to receive it. The magick goes into the wanting, instead of the having.

This is the main reason why love magick and money magick are the two most difficult types of spells for most people. There is too much emotional attachment to the outcome.

He still loves me and he would beg and fight for me not to leave, said the relationship was the best in most ways, he goes on about how I’m so beautiful and that he’ll never have anything like me again but he still left because we’d fight. For two weeks I apologized and begged but I swear it’s like there’s a curse idk how he can leave when he would say I make him so happy. Maybe it’s his rotten mother who tried to convince him. Idk how he can accept mediocrity and not having love like this anymore. He contacted me cuz of my bday he was sweet but it’s not getting anywhere I have to turn to magick when I never needed to (I’m very interested in magick regardless)

if you are teenagers, then this is normal. Learn and grow, and stay firends.

I have found often my subconscious beliefs are different to my conscious ones and it’s what we subconsciously believe that does the creating… so meditating and accessing where I can change a subconscious belief can often change things - although you have to repeat it to get it to sink in and override an old belief - sometimes for as long as a month. And as others have said - let go of lust for results

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Very nicely put!


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Also should say - our subconscious doesn’t speak in language- which is why affirmations sometimes don’t work… they work when you maintain the emotion they should be connected to. You speak to it through emotion and symbols

I recently turned 20 he’s a bit older

Yeah, you two are still in the phase of brain development where you are still not making the best decisions. This is normal. Stay friends, eventually you may find yourselves together again.

By a few I mean like 10 years older, it’s a bit more dramatic than that :sob:

Well damn.
It’s likely he’ll find someone his age, however like I said, stay friends, because older men generally do enjoy younger women.

Most of my female friends are all like 10 - 12 years younger than myself, and I’m not married yet.

Not that I’m trying to give you hope.

But, you should also work on establishing yourself financially as well so you can live YOUR life.

You have a world to explore. You should do so.