Does the type of Candle Matter?


Does the type of candle you use matter? Like does a chime candle have less effect than one of those big, thick candles (Idk the name) or is it all based on the focus and intent?

Might be a stupid question but I wanted to ask just in case.




I needed a black candle when i first started working… it was difficult to find so i improvised… i melted broken crayons black and since it was a curse i used ashes of a loved one who would kill for me… now i use whar i have on hand and put the energy in it… if its a white candle and i need black i see that candle has representation of the burnt ashes of that soul… i have used birthday candles for quickies…


That depends on.

If we’re talking about colors, it helps but isn’t mandatory. It’s a “booster”, but a simple white candle will do the same since your intent towards the spell is strong enough. Colors have their own effects, and yes, they have “power”, but in the end, with ALL magick, your intention is what really matters. So think about colors as a “boost”: if you don’t have a candle with the exact color for a specific spell, know that a white one will have the same effect since your intent is strong enough. So it’s more important to put all your effort into your intent before putting it on a search for a specific candle.

If we’re talking about size, that depends on the spell. If the spell asks for a 7 days candle for some specific reason, like chanting the same spell for some days in front of this candle well, then size matters.

If we’re talking about “style”, or in other words, how beautiful or different a candle can be, then that’s bullshit. lol

In the end, it’s all about your intent, your emotions, your effort (and I’m not talking about forcing something but just doing it no matter how difficult it is). If you only have a white candle, go for it.


All tools are subject to interpretation in majik. Red could mean love to some or fiery rage to others. Don’t get drawn in the small stuff unless it solidifies the intent in your mind.


It only matters if it matters to you.


@TheMagi. Short answer is no. I thought ypu were asking about color, that’s a different story. At any rate size of the candle doesn’t matter. What matters is your intent and will and more importantly that you really put your heart (reference to the heart cente, said to house you godself, according to some beliefs) in the spell your spell casting.


The color content of the candle is important. So if the candle is big, it has more of that as color determines the purpose and also the outcome. So I would say yes, it does. SPecially in rituals where you have to keep the candle burning till it burns out.


The size and shape of the candle doesn’t matter all that much unless its written into the spell your doing (try doing a spell involving keeping the candle burning for several days with a birthday candle :rofl:) The color does matter, but white candles can act as a substitute most of the time (white being composed of all colors) Far from optimal however. In my opinion its like using duct tape to hold together a chair when you could have used wood glue. Works, kinda, but looks shoddy as hell


That’s only white light. A white colored object reflects all light, a black colored object is made up of a colors, because it absorbs all light.


Traditionally, candles were made from tallow or beeswax and had no colour to them other than the natural tint of the tallow or beeswax. Yet successful magick was performed with them.

Unless you are working within a modern system in which colour correspondences are deemed important, you can pretty much use any sized candle of any colour you fancy.

For candle magick, tapers are recommended because they are more likely to be at eye level when you are seated which prevents neck strain and aids focus, but that does doesn’t mean you can’t use a smaller candle.

For evocation, the candle size doesn’t matter (nor does the colour). Some people use tapers, some use birthday candles and some use tea lights.


Used birthday candles during my first evocation. As I recall, I had to smuggle them past my parents, so I took some little birthday candles and made stands out of lumps of blue tack. ( The large ones were too long to fit in my pockets )