Does the troll god/demiurge feed off of his subjugated foes?

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In my research, I’ve come to believe that the word demon doesn’t denote a specific class or race of spirits (let alone alignment). It is a word (more of a slur) in which the Abrahamic faiths use to describe ANY spirit or being that is outside of their spiritual dichotomy. Including other gods and celestial beings, fae, darker spirits, the souls of people who didn’t get to heaven, and of course fallen angels. Some of these such beings have been subjugated by the demiurge to serve both him and his devote.

I’m getting the idea that “Hell” isn’t so much of a prison to keep evil spirits, but is a place where the energy of these beings are being syphoned off and fed to the troll god.


Any egragore has to feed off of whomever believes in it in order to continue to exist.

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That is not linguistically correct. When you look passed the bias a lot of people on the LHP hold against the Judaic/Christian religions, you will see that every culture in the world has their own word that refers to the same thing that the English word “demon” does in the West, that is, malevolent spirits.

While the word “demon” does have its roots in the Greek word daimon, contrary to popular opinion, they do not mean the same thing. There are a great many words in the English language that have evolved their meanings over the centuries, irrespective of their linguistic roots.That is the way all language works. The Christian Bible, for example, was translated from ancient Aramaic and Akkadian, into Hebrew, Greek,and then into Latin, usually by monks who who not fluent in the languages they were translating, so. words were changed, misinterpreted, and mistranslated.

Malevolent spirits, aka demons, exist. They exist in all pantheons, and in all cultures, regardless of the fantasy whitewashing of LHP apologists.

Yes, the Christians “demonized” the gods, and spirits, of the peoples they conquered, but so too did the old pagan tribes, who were known to slaughter the villages of their rivals, and destroy their religious idols. In fact, until the Romans invaded, and forced the tribes to unite, the pagans constantly warred with each other. That is historical fact. It was not some hippie-dippy, peaceful utopia, like modern New Age neo-pagans like to delude themselves into believing.

The Norse slaughtered innocent men, women, and children, in the name of their gods, took women of child-bearing age as slaves, forcing some into marriage, and trading/selling others.

People like to act as if the Christian god is this big boogeyman, but they conveniently ignore the fact that a good many of the gods worked with in modern day magick, were known to be cruel despots, who tortured, and murdered, humans whenever they were displeased. The Greek gods are some of the biggest offenders, for example. Zeus destroyed humanity four times in the earlier myths, until he was persuaded to stop by Hera and Prometheus. The Christian god only flooded the world once.

The roots of most of the Christian myths can be traced back to even older myths, (the story of Noah and the Great Flood comes from Babylon, and an earlier Sumerian and Akkadian story, etc) so all the crimes people love to blame the Christian god for, were committed by other gods, yet no one makes them into the villain. Isn’t hypocrisy wonderful?


deamon is word for male being non-subject of “god”/all that there is.

there is “entity” that does “siphon” misery out of human conciousness, via mathematic examples, of detuned existing, like unconcious dabblin, of humanity, but it is really just selling paranoid form of future without human emotionalism and practices…

you could call this entity “matrix-god” delusional archon, or computing system, but its too pushy, in my opinion to be held rank in what it would mind itself to be… it doesnt necesarily break concious laws, or be even capable of breaking them, but it could be seen as “great negleter out of fear of expose”…

i dont eat human meat.

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This is one of the most logical, clear writings I’ve ever read about this. It’s a lot to think about. Something more of us should think about.

This should be a forum “sticky”, or even a 1 page Wordpress site. In other words, I hope as many people as possible see this!