Does the 3am Veil observe daylight savings time?

Does the Veil observe daylight savings time?

Stupid question but this occurred to me this morning in the shower. How does the Veil know when it’s 3am so it can become thinnest with all the different time zones and DST? Or is the thinning at 3am something that’s in our minds and there’s no veil at all?

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That’s the equivalent of asking, how did the “veil” know to thin out back when humans didn’t have clocks and so had no idea when it was 3 AM?

It is tied to the cycles of day and night, not time measurement. The way I understand it, is that it has more to do with twilight being the “in-between” time than anything else.

3 AM being a specific time for supernatural shenanigans seems to be to be a distinctly Christian idea.


You’re right. How did it know when to thin out? LOL.

Or, does a veil thin if there’s no clock to time it?

It’s not been until today that I even questioned the 3am belief. It’s kind on like the threefold rule, made up.

Thanks! I always appreciate your comments and insight.


Another reason why I was thinking about this is because of a ritual I’m considering that says it must be done at 3am. So I’m thinking how I can plan a night when I don’t have an early morning wake-up so that I can do the ritual. There’s only one night. So then I wondered why 3am? Is that really mandatory if I can’t do it at that time? And even if I did stay up for that, my focus and concentration would be off. My only intent would be to be sleeping.

Moments of transition have always been seen as times of power and magick. That’s why the Jewish people have the bar and bat mitzvah ceremonies marking the move from childhood to adulthood, and various aboriginal tribes have similar traditions for when a boy reaches a certain age, and he is sent out to hunt on his own as a way to mark his becoming a man.

Twilight is the transition of day into night, and night into day, and has traditionally been seen as the time when spirits are most active and the “veil” is thinnest.

I’m not exactly sure where the idea that the “veil” thins at exactly 3 AM comes from, but I remember reading somewhere that it has something to do with the whole 666 crap in the Bible, the numeral 3, of course, being derived from 6.

if the ritual says 3 AM, do it at 3 AM. Depending on the time of year and the hemisphere you are located in, that is more or less the beginning of twilight, which I assume is the reasoning, unless the creator of the ritual is Christian, and then it is because that is the time when demons are prowling around everywhere.


I’ve just spit my monitor :expressionless:

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Good video, quite informative, as EA usually is.

He answers the question of time zones and Daylight Savings, OP. The phenomenon is based on local time so it is 3 AM regardless of time zone or Daylight Savings Time.

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So I’m not the only one who has wondered that. I feel less stupid.

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There is no ‘Veil’. It’s a purely perceived barrier, not a true barrier.


@Anziel_Merkaba Yea I don’t really buy into 3AM being a special time when the veil is thinned. I think 3AM is the time selected because it’s the time when people are often most tired, and are often asleep by this point. This would make it a ripe hour to enter TGS, because your brainwaves are falling into theta simply because it’s trained to do so by this point. I don’t think the time has any sort of mystical power in of itself


You misunderstand. There IS NO VEIL. Basically, there are no barriers, it’s just a trick of perception that causes people to believe that there is a veil.