Does spirits actually appears in the scrying mirror? Need help!

So I’m trying to learn this scrying system for evocation. And have a lot of questions popping up from my head.

Does a spirit actually appears in the scrying mirror when you scry? I saw the mirror turning white and also seen it disappear but not any visions!

I also brought the Omniscience course and watched the section on that but its still confusing! I wanna evoke a spirit and take take some control back in my life.

I studied and studied and studied for 3 years looking into those books by EA and the courses also many other works form other authors. Now I wanna put my Magick into practice! I’m done with theories. And just can’t waste any of my time in those exercises of visualization and scrying.

Can anybody help me to master this scrying so that I could evoke successfully, Please?

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I’m practicing scrying aswell, but if I understand correctly the vision doesn’t necessarily have to appear in the mirror. The important thing is to appear in your mind’s eye and with enough practice and experience, you will eventually be able to project it inside the mirror. However, as far as I know that doesn’t happen for everyone, some people only see the visions inside their heads. The mirror pretty much acts as a gateway/ focus point for you to communicate with the other side.

I have been practising scrying with Sastan’s sigil for a while now and so far I was only able to see his face clearly appearing inside the mirror for just a second. That happened only once, but I have seen a lot visions of a black and yellow snake, a salamander and an old, bearded man with dark skin in my mind (these images match his description from the K.O.F.).

Also, you might wanna try scrying in fire instead of a black mirror. That might work better for you.


I prefer regular, medium sized mirrors for scrying, and to scry directly at my reflection.

As I see it, scrying works best with an established connection with a spirit, rather than doing it randomly. And the better you know the spirit, the easier a result comes from it.

Spirits can appear within the mirror, visually and independently, but there’s a catch that could make a visual appearance hard to manifest. A bonded spirit might struggle immensely to show itself, because the spirit needs to partially separate itself from the magician. It’s similar to a baby getting delivered, which often means loud screams and pain, and if you could visually see that struggle, it’s quite the experience in itself. And the act itself, by the spirits efforts, should be seen with the deepest of respect, because the spirit is doing it for you.

Most magicians say we shouldn’t scry directly on our reflections, but I disagree. Whether you scry on the reflection of yourself, or at the side, doesn’t make a difference of the result. The spirit, if successful, appears at the side in the mirror anyway. The distortion and disfiguration of your reflection is the result of the focal point getting adjusted, and shouldn’t been seen as a result of looking at yourself.

You could also try to scry on a curtain. You would be surprised of how effective a curtain actually is, and it should, preferable, cover the whole window. The more pattern it has, the better the result.

Or why not scry at an entire room, focusing on a specific target? You could see energies and it’s colors, and the more you scry, the bigger the chance is to see how everything in the room bends and gets twisted. It’s fascinating.

I think you should have continued. You saw it turn white then it disappeared. that was already a reaction in the correct direction. It does not always work the first time you try or even after having tried five times…
I am taking so much time with my trials that I will put at least three years with the evocation course, before I can move on…