Does salt/salt bath absorbs only negative energy? Or both negative and positive?

As far as I know it only absorbes negative energy, but some one experienced just made me confused, so asking.


I think it either does both or neutralizes it entirely.


Which in that case I guess it just neutralizes it entirely. Because if it does both, you’d think it’s neutralized.


What if salt bath is aided with visualization that ONLY negative substance is getting washed away?

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Hm. I could see it. Especially if paired with herbs like sage, etc. I also suggest Rosemary.


Relaxing in a hot bath and the herbs smell good. Haven’t had a bath in ages though.

Salt will pretty much wipe the slate clean and neutralize your aura. A quick visualization will allow you to raise positive energy. If you’re asking if you’ll lose the benefits of energy work, chakra work, and work with spirits? No. You’ll retain all your progress. Salt baths deal with external energy, not what’s inside you. Any stagnant energy or negative/positive energy from your environment will be neutralized and “washed” off. What you’ve deliberately worked to build will remain in you. Also, you can set your intention and visualize internal negative or stagnant energy being pushed out of you and absorbed by the salt water, while retaining all that good stuff you want to keep within you.


That’s what I was enquiring about. Thanks for replying . Explained it perfectly.


I have always used salt as a neutralizing agent. It draws energy, but IMO does not discriminate.

On a side note, I never understood why salt was used in money spells of some sorts. Sure, it can be symbolic, and yes, it can keep the home prosperous, but I always considered it an effect of pulling negativity from the place.

I see salt and sage as serving the same purpose; they both are a neutralizing agent. As someone already said though they work externally, unless you want to utilizing pore breathing with sage to cleanse your energy body as well. You could infuse the salt with a shit ton of positive energy beforehand, to the point where it cant hold anymore so it would only absorb the negative.

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@In_Between_Worlds @statuenation OK, to be super sure I use imagination daily to create a shield/armour around me as protection. Should I consider it to be part of internal energy work? Or as it is outside of my body It is an ‘external energy’ which has been washed away by salt bath???

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maybe i did it wrong but,that drained me,i was like a dead sack of meat

I personally consider a shield like that to be external. A salt bath would neutralize anything external around you, so I assume it would dissipate a shield as well. You could check to be sure if your shield is still there after the bath; if you feel any doubt that its there then just make another one to be on the safe side.
You could also do like i said and fill the salt with so much positive energy that it only absorbs negative, and if your shield is purely positive it shouldnt be affected.

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I would say it wouldn’t affect your shield because that is something you are creating in the astral plane. But if you want to be sure, it wouldn’t hurt to recharge your shields after the bath.

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It comes from within does it not?

The shield? That’s the problem!! How do you differentiate inside of your body from the out side in astral realm??? For example a power animal which is a part of you, at least for the time being, also roams around for even a week outside in our world of matter!!! All evocations done leaves an imprint, residue of that particular spirit in you. So where does it leave the imprint? Inside or outside???


Does it matter? You create the shield, therefore it’s generated by you internally. The imprint of a spirit on you is from that external source. But the salt bath is filled with your own intent. Just set the intention to clear away what you don’t want and to keep what you do want. If you really want to go down the rabbit hole, then there’s no such thing as internal or external, and everything is both all at once.