Does Saint Expedite get angry if any of these cases?

I want to know if Saint Expedite gets angry in any of these cases

-If accidentally any flower, or pound cake slice falls wen you are palcing them

  • If some tiny drops of wax splatter (always accidentally) on the slice of pound cake.
    -If some water from the glass spills accidentally on the floor.

And if some similat little incidents occur while you are praying him or offering.

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If it’s an accident then I don’t see an issue, if it’s known that it was NOT on purpose then you should be fine.

If your concerned then why don’t you try and communicate to Saint Expedite that it was an accident, and apologize?

These don’t seem like things that would cause an issue, it’s nothing serious. Maybe just being careful not to spill water and taking other things into consideration will help prevent future accidents

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