Does putting onself down imply an insult to others like you?

Ehhh, might want to watch your language here. We have LGBT users on these forums, and we aren’t about making people feel like they are “less than” simply for being different. Religion does enough of that as is


Okay, I’ll watch it. You might recognize I’m talking about myself though so it’s a matter of me owning the term. Also, I don’t belong to the generation of highly sensitive people, so excuse if I was a bit careless with the chosen terminology. Please let me apologize.

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Yeah it’s not about me being sensitive. I’m not gay so I have nothing to really be sensitive about. But when you put “being a faggot” as you put it, in the same sentence as being a fat looser and forever alone, you imply that there’s something wrong with being gay. There’s nothing wrong with being gay. Zero. So me calling it out is more out of respect for gay people, including yourself. Anyhow, carry on

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You realize what you’re doing telling an lgbtq person they can’t use the word faggot? That’s discrimination in itself. If it’s a word that someone would use in hate towards you then you are absolutely allowed to use it and own it. Would you chastise a black man for owning the N word too?


You’ve opened a can of worms here @Verdo :joy: No pleasing these people, surprised you didn’t know.

As a side note, I find it amusing that you’ll happily say faggot, but nigger was apparently a bridge too far.


Because I can own faggot like I said in my post. I’m not black though. I practice what I preach.

Yeah “nigger” is definitely a ways too far. I’m glad no one on the forum talks like that.