Does Psychic Vampirism Means Eating Ones Soul?

I have stumbled upon a thread in this forum and left speculated and confuse because as I have acknowledge so far that souls are eternal and cannot be destroyed or devour but I have came across someone else said that a soul can be devoured by psychic vampirism or some entities on the Etheric plane is it really possible since soul are eternal indestructible?

Its like the only fans version of spiritual empowerment. Instead of making your own money, you work it out of more impressionable individuals.

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I would not say so, no. Astral entities attack and feed, which is why we call them parasites. They will make you feel certain ways to produce more of their favourite energies. But they will not kill you directly, rather, they can make you so imbalanced that imbalance starts to manifest as physical sickness.

You’re talking about people who don’t really understand energy working to actually know what they’re doing (because if they did they’d know they’re not vampires by definition), so it’s all unverified UPG that is probably imagination at work. Vampires are spiritual non physical beings that need energy to continue o survive without dying the 2nd death. Human vampires are those who need it to stay healthy and not get sick die. Nobody on this forum I’ve ever seen is actually a real vampire of the Michelle Belanger level, they are just using energy techniques to attack people because they can.

However you have to remember these are people’s opinions, not the “gospel truth” ™, and they are allowed to have whatever opinion they like.

I recommend you try things out for yourself, meditate on what you can sense of the energy patterns and flows, and make your own mind up.

A spirit can’t be destroyed. I can choose of it’s own volition to dissipate into source. In Buddism, this is the end result of full enlightenment if you do not retain any desire to stay individual.

A soul is more than a spirit, it’s the spirit plus it’s various layers of incarnation, into the emotions, mental, and qi bodies (optional) and finally into the physical (optional). These bodies can be attacked and changed in ways the spirit does not desire. But even getting rid of all these layers of incarnation, the spirit is still immortal and untouchable, being part of source aka god aka the Tao.


So she die if she dont feed?

If you read her book, yes she would. She was extremely sickly as a child and learned to feed by herself, only finding out what it was later. She immediately began to recover as soon as she started pulling the deficit of qi she needed from other humans.

I do recommend her books if the subject interests you for a non larpy and practical, not romanticised approach.

Tbh, I’m not sure souls are eternal and indestructible, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many vampiric beings.

I think they can become so, but aren’t so, I also think the body protects the soul.

I think the deal in Buddhism and Daoism is that the source you return to at the end of your cycles of reincarnation is a sphere/ dimension beyond anything we can call this universe. AKA the source which our god-particle is from before entering the many layers of Maya. “God” and “the Source” is of this universe/ these planes of existence.

(Trigger warning: I will butcher this) At least in Tibetan Buddhism, if I remember directly, the deal is also when you die and are in that place of reset until rebirth you kind of dissolve into a sphere with the same karmic properties and when reborn you become a combination of of previous parts of past lifes.

I think that if you subscribe to this philosophy, it might theoretically be possible for a soul to be destroyed or maybe more dissolved. If a soul consists at least partially of that god-seed from beyond Maya. Probably not an easy feat by any means and most probably something that might take several incarnations or at least serious hard work, but possible when you completely become part of Maya and forsake any part from beyond this.