Does one need to have met a person in order to place a curse on them?

What I’m referring to is my elderly aunt was recently scammed out of her pension by one of those email scams. We managed to get her money back but the stress it caused her is something money can not fix. I want to place a curse on this scammer, but can I do so if I’ve never seen them in person?

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Having met someone in person is absolutely not necessary.


Okay so what should my next step be. This person needs to be stopped before they cause more damage.

Yes , ask a goetia spirit

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No, my first curse I never met the person, at all and my curse worked the next day. If someone needs to have met someone to curse them then they are a bit lacking on being able to pinpoint an energy signature of their target from long distances and require direct contact.

4 Likes don’t even need to know a real name or what they look like if you have enough to direct your working properly.


For some hexing/curse spells you might, but if your good enough at magic it’s irrelevant.
Your will and intent are what’s doing the real damage her
Also, just because you don’t know who it is, definitely doesn’t mean a demon you’d summon wouldn’t

Respectfully, summon most any demon/spirits and request assistance that way


No you don’t need to have met them, or even know their name, as long as you can focus well enough. You can name the person in a way you understand, ie. ‘the person/people who scammed my aunt,’ etc, and if you know who you mean, the spirits will know. Or the energy you are raising to direct at them.


The best way is to at least Touch the target once physically. Once touched by the witch is actually forever. There are witches who can touch through sight and some also astral but these are only a few.