Does Odin tend to try to prove us wrong?

Does Odin go out of his way to show us that some of our beliefs and what not are wrong? Like arranging synchronicities to make us see that we are wrong, etc?



Idk if he likes to just be contrary or if he really just likes to show off, but kinda, perhaps. My experience with Odin has been a little of him telling me that I dont know anything, Jon Snow xD

But its towards a purpose. He called me an idiot and i decided to become better, and i can tell he’s happy with the progress


Hm, I see. He hasn’t been rude to me, but he does show interesting stuff, almost as if he wants to prove me wrong on a particular topic.

Odin is a god who pushes boundaries. I can totally see him attempting to prove you wrong in something, especially if he wants you to grow beyond where you are now. If it is simple synchronicities, then The Grey Wanderer is being very gentle with you indeed, something he isn’t known for. You might want to listen before he starts getting rude. :wink:

Maybe if you gave us some details we could be more specific in helping?


I’ve had one of these moments with him. Along with a moment of the “awareness” or “fury of awareness” he possesses. That was a weird moment. Went a few levels past pissed into fury, read a random question about the uses for gun powder in ritual on here while i was cooling off and next thing i know i am rambling if a short list without hesitation and absolute certainty it would work.

It was weird but i got a laugh after i calmed my but down.


He likes to expand your thinking and he’ll often attract your to strange and new ideas that sometimes aren’t even true. It’s almost like a lesson in keeping an open mind and using knowledge.


I can tell you right now if your wrong he will take an almost saddistic enjoyment out of proving you wrong but other wise he as was previously mentioned like us to broaden our minds.

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