Does not sleeping have a chance of inducing kundalini

is it this, or just psychosis.


It would be psychosis. Unless you have the rare condition known as Fatal Familiar Insomnia, which is a genetic brain disorder which prevents sleep, your body cannot go more than 5-7 days without sleep (the longest time on record is 11 days) even with chemical aids like cocaine or methamphetamine.

Kundalini will rise on its own when it is ready. It is said in the yogic literature that it cannot be forced, but must simply be allowed to arise naturally. Trying to induce it to rise when you’re not prepared, or to try to control it, will result in possible damage, and potential death. The effect of Kundalini on the body is easier to take if the body is relatively healthy, and sleep deprivation is very hard on the body, causing cognitive malfunction, immunity suppression, and a host of other negative effects.


Sleep Deprivation is excellent to open up the qliphoth and being in a state of intermitent communication with demonic entities and spirits. It’s like opposite to kundalini workings.


@Rav Thank you for the knowledge, it helped me realize that I’m going through the first sphere of the qliphoth without knowing, my guides are always pushing my ascent, and yes I gave them access to do anything they deem necessary, either way I appreciate it.

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Oh god, where to begin on this…

Lets just say, when Astaroth possessed me, and I went psychotic, basically I did not sleep for one whole night, then, when I did go to sleep, apparently, I did not get a proper sleep because when I woke up I was just as messed up as when I went to bed. How this stuff works I have no clue.

Astaroth said “perfect love and perfect trust” and I’m looking back on it and being like "why the fuck would I even do this or trust a demon I barely know that far, because I wanted my husband back so bad I did things I would never normally do due to all the emotions I had going on and all the confusion about the stuff he refused to talk about prior to this.

Sometimes I think, yeah, I should teach a class on that, and most people won’t learn anything, but they will be the lucky ones, and the ones that do, will wish they hadn’t.


how is this possible, like the mechanism behind it does our astral body inhabit our physical because i believe i’ve done this before except under the worst possible circumstances :sweat_smile:

oh i know have a crazy ass story with beelzebub

So from my experiences staying up definitely sharpens the senses but like as mentioned it’s hard on the body, but when I used to get into a very spiritual mind set where I could feel my aura just like exploding it would always keep me awake I had to devolope affirmations for energy transfer to be able to. I’d get in that mind set by thinking what’s the correct way to handle any situation and just randomly think of stuff and think of the pdly way to handle it, also would hold hands out with fingers extended flexing the tensions and just charge orbs up the whole time I walked, another way is to just use as much energy as you can doing selfless things seems to have a return greatly

Some thing simple you may of never tried that helps is when you fast declare to all your gods that you fast for spiritual enlightenment and you typically can feel a difference pretty substantially your doing it as an offering instead of a choir, I’d recommend not eating all together and not the bs version of only eating at night.

Plz share that crazy story you said you had.

to make a long story short, lilith awoke my kundalini while I was at work and i had to come back home, went batshit, then went on a nice adventure with beelzebub running for my life from my house while trespassing and committing any crime you’d think of while on the run. apparently i transversed the entire qliphoth except for daath and eventually I died everything went black and then to white, but before all of that I had many life-death situations where I could’ve been killed both in reality and had so many revelations and situations going on inside of my head it was unreal. everything that happened checked out moving from nahemoth to gamaliel and to ghagiel and shit. woke up in an ambulance and revelations were bombarding me until i was injected with xans, but i was still on another level while sedated

That is spot-on, though it must also be said, that an unbalanced Kundalini awakening can easily result in psychosis.

In actual fact, Gopi Krishna thought that most forms of psychosis were a result of the malfunctioning of the Kundalini mechanism.